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Books, novels, short stories, movies, film, videos, clothing line, clothing brand and merchandise created to inspire hope and change and to tell our stories so that our stories can be told and not co-opted and corrupted by the oppressive system that wants to keep us in bondage. Black Liberation.



Welcome to MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC. A Black-owned and operated independent publishing and entertainment company created and designed to tell the stories written by and created by independent authors and creatives who all have the unique ability to tell and author the stories that are not normally told or allowed to be told or written in books, movies, novels, or short story format by the mainstream media. Stories that are written by independent authors and creatives range from and are not limited to any one specific genre. Authors and creatives who write and tell their stories in genres like Sci-Fi, drama, crime, horror, fantasy, psychological thrillers, action and adventure, mystery, and suspense. MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC was created and designed to allow authors, filmmakers, and creatives to tell their stories from their perspectives and from their lived experiences and circumstances. Welcome to the future of storytelling. Enter a world of limitless possibilities.

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“We need to tell our own stories. From our own perspective and from our own lived experiences and struggles.”

The South Beach Slayer Commercial.

“We have to build our own bridges. Build our own castles. Build our own planet. Build our own universe.”

Fiction Books for Sale

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The Chronicles of the Parasitic Book Series

Book I: The South Beach Slayer

When the glitz and glamor, the fortune and fame, hide a hideous and sinister secret about a notorious serial killer roaming freely on the streets of South Beach.

Book II: America Amerikkka Америка

The interconnected lives of everyday people and the impact of drugs, alcoholism, spousal abuse, police brutality, discrimination, racism, and foreign intervention all lead to choices that not only have consequences for their lives but for society as well.

Book III: Parasitic Predators

When you are the prey but you are oblivious to the fact that the predator that is hunting you is standing directly in front of you.

Book IV: Parasitic

Infected with the deadliest plague the world had ever seen. The world must unite to combat and defeat a parasitic mutation that has engulfed the world for thousands of years with its incurable disease.
Fiction Books to Read

The Nick Frost Chronicles Book Series

Book I: The Patriot Complex

Elite American soldiers suffering from PTSD seek to destroy the republic and American democracy.

The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods Book Series

Book I: Longinus

A mysterious billionaire races to capture biblical relics to stop the rise of the Fourth Reich.

The Dark Saga

Book I: Darkness Awakens

A female alien-human hybrid battles a team of super-synthesized Anabolic steroid-induced female assassins.

The Fall of a Parasitic Nation and the Rise of Black America

When the science and medical communities discover a parasite hiding in plain sight that has been devastating and slowly killing humanity for centuries with no known cure in sight. Many political and military experts and strategists believe that the hope to save humanity is in the newly discovered empowerment of Black America.
 The one pathogen there was no cure for devoured the world and brought humanity to the brink of extinction.


Join us on our adventure of endless possibilities as we explore the world of storytelling from a unique and different point of view and perspective. These books of fiction that you are about to explore will invigorate your imagination and drive your passion for original writing and creative storytelling. Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight as these books, novels, and short stories at MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC written by and told by our brilliant and talented authors are impactful, hard-hitting, and emotionally driven with heart, passion, and sense of urgency to tell the stories that need to be told about the disenfranchised, oppressed, and forgotten. Be prepared to ride a roller-coaster of emotions as you enter a world of creative, brilliant, and passionate storytelling that could only be told, created, and written by our wonderful and talented authors and creatives at mjwpublishingandentertainment.com. Welcome to MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC. Enjoy the ride.


Please join our writing community where all are welcomed with open arms. A place to tell our stories and communicate our vision of the worlds and universes that we create and build through our stories and unique storytelling. A place where all writers, authors, screenwriters, and filmmakers can freely express themselves. A place where there are no limits and no restrictions on your creative abilities and unique talents. This is a writing community where expression is welcomed, and creativity is nurtured. This is the future of storytelling.