About MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC

MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC is a Black-owned and operated independent publishing company and entertainment company dedicated to giving voices to the voiceless and a platform to those who have been denied the access and ability to tell their stories from their perspectives and from their point of view by allowing creators and creatives from marginalized communities the access and the ability to tell their stories that are often dismissed and ignored by the establishment. MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC holds, controls, and owns intellectual property valued well over half a billion dollars and continues to amass a massive collection of intellectual property and original stories to its massive vault of novels, short stories, commercials, movies, and television series, as well as continuing to add to their clothing line and well-known brand of quality and exclusive merchandise.


Black Power! Black Freedom! Black Liberation!

End Racism and AntiBlackness now!

Books -Novels – Short Stories

Clothing Line – Hoodies- T-Shirts

Face Masks

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