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“We have to stop expecting others to tell our stories.”

Michael J. Williams

Michael J. Williams was born in Miami, Florida, and is a native Floridian. Miami is a city known for its sunshine, beautiful beaches, and warm winters, and it is a well-known tourist destination. Michael J. Williams is a writer of several original screenplays and author of several books of short stories and novels. He also majored in Computer Science and Psychology. He has a Google Project Management Certificate and a Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Certificate as well as some certifications in Data Analytics. Michael J. Williams is a small business owner, CEO, and President of MJW Publishing and Entertainment, LLC. An entertainment and publishing company that owns and holds valuable Intellectual Property. As a successful businessman, Michael J. Williams a former Army Reservist, 1991-1999, with an Honorable Discharge, enjoys reading, watching movies, sports, and of course writing stories that nourish and feed the imagination. Michael J. Williams is unapologetic about his art, his vivid writing and imagination, and his emotionally pulsating creativity. His writing mostly deals with the fictional world of storytelling using fact-based realities and real-world issues like race and racism, police brutality, white supremacy, and social injustice that has plagued this world for centuries. He writes in the genre of drama, crime, urban and urban fantasy, psychological thrillers, science fiction, action and adventure, mystery, suspense, and fantasy as well as horror. Michael J. Williams writes with the hope and intent that hopefully one day our society will no longer judge a person by the color of their skin or unfairly judge them by their race or ethnicity but judge them by their actions and their humanity or lack thereof. He aspires and hopes that his writing helps to inspire the world to become a better place a more humane world where true peace, true equality, and real justice for all exists and is no longer a fallacy to many of us who suffer at the hands of oppression, racism, discrimination, and white supremacy.


Original Stories

You can purchase my five books of short stories and three novels that are available now by clicking on the links above. The South Beach Slayer, America Amerikkka Америка, Parasitic, Parasitic Predators, The Patriot Complex, Longinus, and Darkness Awakens. All seven books are available online at amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, kobo.com, bookshop.org, smashwords.com, and Google books. All eight books are also available on all Apple devices.


Fearless Entertainment

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Books to Read

“You hate me because of the color of my skin. I’m disgusted by you because of the content of your character.”

The Chronicles of the Parasitic Book Series

Book I: The South Beach Slayer

Book II: America Amerikkka Америка

Book III: Parasitic Predators

Book IV: Parasitic

The Nick Frost Chronicles

Book I: The Patriot Complex

The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods

Book I: Longinus

The Future of storytelling is now. Original stories are written from different perspectives and different points of view. We will no longer accept the predictable and the deliberate attempt to erase our pain, our struggle, our stories, and our humanity from the public’s psyche and the public’s view. We are determined to be the storytellers of our history, our lives, our heartache, and our emotions as we struggle to tell the story of our lives and our truths in this world. We will be the storytellers of OUR STORIES.

Author of fiction books, novels, and short stories. We are the future of storytelling.



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