Confederates, Monuments, Rebels

The idiocy of certain groups of people thinking and somehow believing that the Confederate flag is somehow a symbol of heroism, patriotism, and honor is reprehensible to those who suffered at the hands of such hateful ignorance, vile contempt, and murderous hatred. The Confederate flag represents a vile racist and murderous ideology and doctrine that not only divided a nation, slavery, capitalism, and white supremacy both being the driving and dividing force behind it but it also ingrained into generations of white people the belief that they are somehow better than and more than a group, an entire race of people whose ancestors have long been on this earth, millions and millions of years before any other race of people who ever step foot on this planet. An entire race of people, dark-skinned humans from the continent that we now call Africa, people who created and bought the world the arts, literature, politics, science, math, and so much more. Dark-skinned people who explored, traveled, and established flourishing and thriving societies and communities across the entire planet long before another race of people ever existed is somehow less than and inferior to the white race is beyond idiocy and stupidity, it is not only a travesty to humanity and the human race. It is an abomination to the entire universe. This racist, idiotic, and the vile doctrine of hatred and white supremacy has led to and taught generations of white people, that to ignore the truth and to ignore the facts is to uphold the beliefs and ideology of white superiority no matter how false and how ignorant the ideology and doctrine of white supremacy is. The notion that a Confederate is honorable is disgusting and sickening, especially at a time where so many so-called American patriots are screaming and hollering with rage, anger, and the lust and eyes of bloodthirsty wolves like wild savages staring angrily and with evil intent in their callous hearts at Black men who honorably and courageously take a knee in peaceful protest to protest police brutality and social injustice. Confederates and those who uphold the beliefs and ideology of Confederacy are the true traitors to this nation. Traitors who declared and fought a war against the United States government and her citizens. Threatening to secede and then seceding from the union, in fact, declared war against the United States of America. These treasonous traitors are not honorable men or honorable people. They are in fact cowards and traitors whose history and story should be told but not to honor these traitors but be a lesson in what the face of cowardice and hatred look like. There should be no monuments and statues to honor these cowardly traitors as they are dishonorable men and dishonorable women. These treasonous traitors are not rebels, people who rebelled and fought against a tyrannical government infringing on their rights. These treasonous traitors and cowards were the ones infringing on the rights of human beings, dark-skinned people being held in bondage against their will, in order for these traitors of America and traitors of humanity to pocket and make enormous wealth, fortune, and riches beyond comparison from the free labor of Black men, Black women, and Black children. Confederates are not honorable people to be looked up to or honored. They should be publicly embarrassed, humiliated, disparaged, and ridiculed for their lack of humanity, their lack of civility, their lack of decency, and their lack of what it takes to be considered humane and human. The fact that there is an ongoing discussion about the Confederate flag, statues, and monuments about Confederate soldiers remaining intact, and the fact that racism is not outright outlawed by this nation, just proves and shows that America as a society has a long way to go before social justice and racial equality can ever truly be achieved. America, its citizens, and its government must be honest with itself and look itself in the eyes and be real about America’s soiled, dark, and murderous past and the people behind all of the death and destruction of America’s past, present, and future. Then America must make amends if America ever expects to move forward as a nation united in harmony and unity and as a just nation with just laws for all.

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