Blackface and White Culture and their Lack of Decency and Respect

The mere fact that anyone, let alone an entire culture would somehow think or believe that it is okay or cool or even civil and humane to insult, disparage, disrespect, and mock Black culture, Black people or any other culture for that fact, is just another example of how inhumane and evil certain people and their culture can be. Could it be that white people and or their culture is dealing with some toxic form of self-hate and self-loathing that they believe that disparaging the one culture and people that have been on this planet for over four millions years, and whose influence, creations, inventions, and rich culture have influenced and benefited not only their culture but other cultures around the world? True history has proven that many of the world’s diverse and rich cultures have taken or been influenced by African culture and Black culture worldwide. The birthplace of humanity, Africa, the place where the first human being, a Black woman was born and created. There may be some kind of sickness or perhaps evilness inside for any person to believe that wearing blackface and parading around mocking, disparaging, and disrespecting Black people and Black culture is cool or not as bad as Black people make it out to be. The racism, hatred, and Anti-Blackness that has been created, fostered and thrived in not only white culture, who profited enormously off of Black culture financially still to this day, but many other cultures as well, only shows the epitome of evil, hatred, and the sick thinking and beliefs of an ideology and doctrine that has not only infected the planet but has infected the minds and hearts of people worldwide. White people need to look around and open their eyes and wonder why Black people are not out and about openly mocking and disparaging white culture and white people with racist tropes and stereotypes based on ignorance and hate. Why has Black people who have every right to fight back against the racism and Anti-Blackness we see every day in this world, has refused to stoop so low and degraded ourselves and other cultures in order to disparage, disrespect and insult white culture or any other culture that seems hell-bent on doing exactly that to Black people and Black culture? It seems that the hatred, perhaps even jealousy or envy or whatever it is that forces other cultures to hate Black people and Black culture so much, is so deep and so ingrained in the mindset of white people, white culture, and every other culture that practices Anti-Blackness and racism, that expecting decency, civility, and humane treatment from these people and their cultures that seem to hate Black people because of the color of our skin, is a hope and a dream that this world may never achieve or see as a possibility. Perhaps one day there will be a world were racism, Anti-Blackness and other forms of hate and discrimination will no longer exist. But for that world to even begin to form. It will take the necessary steps of people, especially white people, and their racist white-dominated society to seek some kind of inner peace or self-love to acknowledge that their racism, their hate, and disrespect is a huge part of the problem and why this world seems hopeless and deprived of humanity, decency, and civility. For mankind to have a chance at the opportunity for equality, freedom, justice, peace, and hope for us all. Then people, their cultures, and their societies need to come to grips with the darkness in their hearts, souls, and their society and learn and teach themselves, as well as their cultures and their societies that hate, racism, Anti-Blackness, and any other form of discrimination against other people, cultures, and societies. It does not make them better or superior but in all reality and honesty just shows and proves a sense of inferiority and a sense of self-hate. White people and white culture should spend less time disparaging, insulting, and disrespecting Black people and Black culture by dressing up in blackface and propagating racist stereotypes and racist tropes and perhaps try healing themselves and their culture as they have spent centuries creating, fostering, and spewing out into the atmosphere such hateful, hurtful, and disrespectful things about Black people and Black culture as if their racism somehow makes them better people or the better culture. Doing inhumane and uncivil and barbaric things does not make you superior or better nor does it even make you humane. The humane, decent, and civil thing to do is to respect all people regardless of their difference.  

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