Why Inclusion and Diversity is not the Answer

What is the meaning or definition of inclusion? It is to be included or allowed membership into a group or organization or institution. What is the meaning of diversity? Diversity is the inclusion of different types of races or groups of people being allowed membership into a group or organization or institution. So by definition inclusion and diversity has practically the same or similar meaning or definition. Hence, why I believe that people and certain parts or sections of society both wanting, demanding, and hoping for diversity and inclusion in institutions like government, film, law enforcement, corporate business, and so on, that are inherently racist, is a problem all into itself.  Although I truly believe that these people and organizations that work hard for inclusion and diversity believe that their fight is the correct fight and that they fight for equality and opportunity for all regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. I just so happen to disagree with their premise and thought process when it comes to the diversity and inclusion issue. We as a society should not be asking or requesting or even demanding to be included or looking to see if a business or industry has met a quota or arbitrary number when it comes to how many different faces are in a room or institution or organization. What people and society should be demanding is equality in its truest and purest form. Not some metric that can be manipulated to meet a diversity quota to supposedly prove that a business or industry is meeting a standard that they avoided and refuse to meet or obtain in the first place. If there was true equality in education, business, science, art, film, tech and any other industry out there. There would be no need to meet a quota system and there truly would be no need to demand inclusion and diversity because if all things were truly equal the room or industry would already be diverse and with the best people available from different races and different cultures. And not just a room, board rooms, corporate offices, and spaces, in general, would not be filled with only white men, most under or not qualified at all for the position or title that they have. But are in their position of power because of the color of their skin and or their close proximity and association with a racist system and institution that values skin color and upholding white supremacy over merit, ability, intelligence, creativity, determination, and hard work. If this country valued equality like it pretends to do then there would be no need to have a conversation about diversity and inclusion because everyone regardless of race or sexual orientation or religion would have the equal opportunity to achieve their dreams and succeed without the barriers of racism, racist ideology, and racist hiring practices from those in power, usually white men and or white people. Add in the fact of the racist perceptions, racist tropes, and racist and ignorant stereotypes and ideologies being ingrained and indoctrinated into white society and into white people and a racist system and institution, that was created to benefit white society to the detriment of other races, that perpetrates and uphold and spread their racist doctrine and ideology not only nationwide but worldwide as well. You end up with a society of marginalized people fighting for and demanding inclusion and diversity to prove their value and their worth to a racist white-dominated society that is hellbent on upholding their white supremacist institution and racist ignorant ideology that benefits their race and avoids them ever having to compete against other people or other races on a fair and equal playing field. People, those disenfranchised and marginalized should be demanding and protesting and organizing and fighting for equality, true equality in its purest form. Where people are given a real opportunity to peacefully live their lives without the fear of being murdered, killed, beaten or disrespected because of the color of their skin. Where people are given every opportunity to succeed in life because they were given proper education and had a real opportunity to support their families and themselves. Where generations of people had the opportunity to provide for their children without dealing with systematic racism that forced them into endless poverty and disparity of wealth for generations. White-dominated societies’ racist institutions, racist ideology, and racist policies continue to ensure poverty and hardship for generations of Black people and Black communities and other marginalized people for generations. Equality would ensure us all that we had a chance to succeed and become financially successful and financially stable if all things were equal. Equal treatment, an equal and just justice system, equal education and equal opportunity in the workforce and an equal housing system that allowed the same opportunity at generational wealth for Black people and Black families that it did for white people and white families. We should be fighting for equality because equality encompasses all of the things inclusion and diversity is meant to achieve but equality goes farther and digs deeper into ending a racist institution and a racist society that only benefits the white race because of a lie, a fallacy, an inhumane and ignorant ideology of their so-called supremacy and greatness. Well, if you or your race are such a great or superior race of people. Then why are you so afraid of equal and fair competition? That is not a sign of greatness or superiority. Fearing equal competition and equal opportunity. That is actually the sign of weakness and fragility and inferiority. True equality is the only way that we as a society, a world will ever have an inclusive and diverse world. Only true equality and true opportunity will truly allow those who have been oppressed, discriminated against, and marginalized the opportunity to flourish and blossom and succeed in this world and in life without the burden of inequality, racism, hatred, and oppression by those in power determined to keep and maintain their power to the detriment of others and the detriment of this world. So instead of demanding inclusion and diversity. We should be demanding and fighting for equality so that we can have the opportunity to fail or succeed because of our merits and our values and hard work and determination and not because of a racist system and racist white-dominated society too afraid of fair hard-nosed competition. With true equality in its purest form comes inclusion and diversity organically and that is the world we all should be hoping for, fighting for, and striving for to make this world a safer and better place for us all.

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