Terrorist attacks after terrorist attacks on Black people, people of color, people of faith, and marginalized people all over the world, committed by racist white terrorists, criminals, and thugs, will continue. As long as the world continues to pretend that racists, white nationalists, Neo-nazis, confederates, and those who support, foster, propagate, and benefit from white supremacy and the racists’ ignorant ideology of racism and white supremacy, are not truly confronted, publicly condemned and stopped from continuing to spread their evil racists’ ideology and doctrine unto the world. The fact that the mainstream media, owned by wealthy white billionaires continue to deliberately and intentionally ignore the threat of white supremacy and its hateful and murderous ideology is not only a disservice to humanity but also allows for what is and always has been, the greatest threat to humanity and the planet, to continue to go unchecked spreading its evil into households, schools, churches, institutions, across the internet, and across the globe. The American government for centuries, and now this corrupt, illegitimate, and racists president has helped to foster and cultivate white supremacy worldwide at great cost to humanity and the planet. The people, collectively and on a united front, must speak out and fight, even if the American government, foreign governments, tech companies, and the media, all owned or controlled mostly by white men and white women, refuses to, because speaking out against hatred, racist ideology, and white supremacy to them and their racist white-dominated society, means speaking out against their race and ideology and institution that greatly benefits the white race, to the detriment of other races and disenfranchised and marginalized communities. And to speak out against the racism, hatred, and the ignorance and fallacy of white superiority and white supremacy, will not only tear down but expose the great lie that white people and the institution of white supremacy that they built and have been forcing onto the world about their so-called greatness and so-called superiority and innocence and purity. Will come crumbling down and expose who they and their institutions truly are. It will also expose the fallacy of so-called meritocracy due to many of the so-called elite and wealthy people and wealthy families, mostly white, globally, in truth did not earn their wealth or continue to maintain their wealth, through hard work or innovation and ingenuity but through slavery, free and cheap labor, prison labor, oppression, and discriminatory and racist laws and policies. Also through the pillaging of Black and brown nations, government bailouts and government handouts, corruption, tax schemes, loopholes in tax laws, and tax laws created to benefit the wealthy, and through aggressive militarization that expanded and forced European colonization worldwide. Although while oppressing, discriminating against, and robbing Black communities and poor and poverty-stricken communities with their unfair, bias, corrupt, and racist financial system, racist and unjust criminal justice system, and their racist and corrupt educational system. White supremacy and the hatred, racism, and bigotry that it fosters, cultivates, and spreads globally, is not only a disease but a deadly, sick, and perverted ideology, an infection, a plague, a disease, that needs to be fought globally in a united effort by humanity to eradicate and vanquish this evil ideology and evil doctrine from off of the face of the planet. The hatred and evil that is taught and learned from the institution of white supremacy, in this racist white-dominated society, is an evil and a plague that continues to drive a wedge and divide this beautiful and diverse planet that we live on. White supremacy, racism, and white nationalism is causing great harm to the planet and has been behind and the driving force, the cause, and the reason of so many race-related murders of innocent people because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, and because they are considered others by those who benefit from white supremacy and those who will never have to face the consequences of their inhumane and barbaric actions in most cases, at least not as an institution. The racist white person who pulls the trigger may face justice, after being coddled and made to look holier than thou by the mainstream media as a good person turned bad, but the persons or institutions that spew out or allows hateful speech and vile rhetoric and enforces stereotypes and bigotry, and create racist murderers who kill in the name of white supremacy and white nationalism, has yet to face true justice. Just like yelling out “fire” in a crowded theater is against the law and is not considered a form of free speech and not protected by the First Amendment. So should publicly spreading, influencing, enticing, and fostering hate, racism, discrimination, religious persecution and any other forms of hate that could cause potential harm to the public or entice racists white nationalist to murder Black people or people of color or people of certain religious beliefs and could be the main reason behind racially motivated mass shootings in churches, synagogues, and public places should be against the law and outlawed. And those who commit these heinous acts in the name of white supremacy and or white nationalism should be prosecuted and convicted of a hate crime and crimes against humanity. Hate, discrimination, and racism is taught and can be unlearned. And teaching racism, bigotry, discrimination, and hate through the internet, in political and religious institutions, schools and colleges, and trying to spread hate and racism publicly, should no longer be tolerated or normalized by a society that should place humanity, civility, and decency over racism, hate, and discriminatory ideology. Freedom of speech should not be an excuse to allow those with hate and evil in their hearts and hate and evil in their souls that wish to bring harm and death to marginalized and oppressed people and communities. These communities who live in fear knowing that their government and law enforcement agencies nationwide refuse to or are not willing to protect them or their communities from racist murderers and thugs because their skin color and their race just so happen to be white. Even though the greatest threat to humanity and the planet is white supremacy and those who blindly and obediently follow its hateful and evil ideology, a threat so great that the FBI has issued warnings and threat assessments about the threat and rise of white nationalism. We must continue to fight, protest, and protect our communities, our souls, and our humanity against this great evil called racism and white supremacy. Until this infection, this plague, this disease called white supremacy and white nationalism is no longer a threat to our society and no longer a threat to the planet.

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