It has long been overdue that we as a nation, as a people, and as a planet be honest with ourselves and call out racism, racist, white supremacy, and white nationalist at every turn and every instance. We as a planet need to fight white supremacy, racism, racist, and white nationalist head-on and not sugar coat their racist, ignorant, and despicable ideology and belief system. With that being said, white people need to be truthful with themselves and with each other and with society as a whole. Honest about their systematic and institutional oppression and discrimination of Black people and other people of color in order to advance and continue their domination over marginalized people to benefit their racist lifestyle and racist ideology. That honest conversation starts with white people admitting that they as a race and as a people, that white people are inherently racist. No, white people are not born racist, they are taught to be racist and believe and perpetuate a racist and hateful ideology that benefits and reward them for being white. White people are inherently racist because racism and their racist hateful ideology are indoctrinated into them from an early age. Racism and their racist ideology are taught and ingrained into their belief system through their racist white-dominated society, through their racist educational system, their churches and in their homes and through militarism that they use to kill, murder, bomb, and destroy communities of color to enforce and ensure their continued dominance over marginalized people and nations of color. To truly stamp out racism and destroy systematic and institutional racism. White people need to do better and be better as a race, as a society and as an individual. White people first need to be willing to unlearn the hateful and ignorant ideology that was taught to them by your white parents or white grandparents or white relatives, taught to them in their white churches and by white church members with hate in their hearts and ignorance in their souls, ingrained and indoctrinated into them by this racist white-dominated society that stereotype and ignorantly label Black people as dangerous or inferior to white people, when history has proven otherwise. White people need to look in the mirror and face their demons. The white race needs to admit their faults and evil deeds when it comes to their internal racism and societal racism. The greatest terrorist threat not only to America but the world is white supremacy and all of the hate and evil that comes along with the ideology that white supremacy invokes. White people need to call out other white people for their racism as well as check themselves and their racist beliefs. White people also need to stop trying to tell black people and other marginalized people what is and what is not racist, especially when white people will never have to personally deal with living in a racist white-dominated society where you are systematically criminalized, victimized, denigrated, oppressed, discriminated, brutalized, and murdered because of the color of your skin. If white people truly want to be an alley for humanity then they need to honestly listen to marginalized communities, learn from these communities, and use your white bodies and white privilege to help dismantle and destroy white supremacy as an ideology and as an institution.

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