It is truly amazing and truly disgusting how police officers are allowed and have been empowered, for centuries with the ability to assault, beat, brutalize, kill, disrespect, and murder Black people with impunity. Empowered by a racist white-dominated government and racist white-dominated society that justifies the criminal, barbaric, and brutal behavior, attitudes, and policies of a police force that was initially created as slave patrols to oppress, control, brutalize and even castrate and murder Black men, Black women, and Black children trying to fight and escape the evils of slavery and the oppressive regime of a racist, evil, white-dominated society hellbent on acquiring vast amounts of wealth and fortune regardless of the body count, deaths, and atrocities that their evil ideology, their evil beliefs, and their murderous and evil actions have caused on a global scale. The police force, in America, is the biggest criminal organization on the planet. There is no accountability when it comes to the brutal, racist, and barbaric acts when it comes to their dealings with Black people and the Black community. They are empowered and protected by their corrupt, racist, and criminal police union. They are empowered by local, state, and federal agencies that are the creations of white supremacy. Created to uphold and enforce the savage, racist, hateful, and evil doctrine and ideology of white supremacy. These murderous and evil savages wearing badges, carrying guns and committing crimes against humanity are also protected and empowered by the so-called ideology and fallacy they created of “protected ones on” with their fake and ignorant cries of “blue lives matter.” As if there is an actual target on their lives the way there is a target on the lives of Black people and Black communities in America. There is also the fallacy of there are more “good cops” than there are bad cops. Yet, there is rarely, if ever a case, of these so-called “good cops” stepping up and outing the racism, the brutality, the crimes, and atrocities committed by a single cop or outing the corruption and racism within an entire police department. Police officers and police departments are quick to demand and sometimes even plead with the Black community to speak out against the criminal or criminals in their communities and out the person or persons involved in or have committed crimes in their neighborhoods and in their communities. Yet, these same people, these police officers, these hypocrites remain silent when it comes to speaking out and arresting police officers that are not only racist and murderous but act on the evil in their hearts and commit brutal barbaric crimes against Black people and Black communities. There would be an outcry from white people and white communities united with the racist murderous police officers and police union if there was an outcry in the Black communities to as a united front exercise their Second Amendment rights and arm themselves and protect themselves against these racist murderous cops and police departments across the nation. Yet, the white community and so-called “good cops” remain silent or use racist coded language to justify the murderous acts of racist police officers brutalizing and murdering Black people. They even create racist laws and policies to justify the actions of barbaric racist savages wearing badges who are terrorizing Black people and Black communities. Sooner or later this will come to a head and this racist white-dominated society and nation will have to answer for the evils and atrocities that they have committed and perpetrated for centuries against black people and Black communities. Unfortunately, it does not appear that certain communities, white people, and white communities, are willing to accept, learn from, and try to correct theirs and their ancestor’s actions and crimes against humanity and crimes against Black people, that they have committed and continue to commit. The nation must stop protecting police officers, whose sole purpose or job is to serve and protect when it comes to them committing crimes and criminal acts against Black bodies, Black people, and the Black community. These police officers not only should be fired after a thorough investigation conducted by an independent panel, an independent panel that does not consist of mostly former or current police officers. They should be arrested, charged, and convicted of their crimes after they received their due process. Along with any police officer, prosecutors, union rep, family member, or anyone else willing to lie or coverup for these racist and murderous police officers. And the victims or the victim’s families of these murderous and criminals wearing badges, posing as honest police officers, should also be allowed to not only sue the local, state, and federal government for not protecting the victims from these racist murderous cops. The victim or the victim’s families should also be allowed to sue the police officer or officers, including suing them for their police pension, certain police benefits, and other material items or possessions that may or may not have. And the victims or victim’s families should also have the ability to sue any person or persons who were involved in the coverup of said racist police officer’s crimes. This would not only force the racist cops to think twice when dealing with Black people and Black communities in a more respectful and professional way but also force those willing to help protect these racist murderous cops by lying for them or covering up evidence to also think twice as well. Real change, real equality, and real justice will never come until white supremacy and those who uphold and perpetuate white supremacy is held accountable for their actions, their complicity and the actions of those they are willing to lie for or turn a blind eye to the evil racist acts of other police officers who feel empowered to commit these evil acts.

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