These nonsensical and hollow words have been used and said for centuries by white men to disparage Black people as if Black people have not tried and continue to try to live a prosperous and enjoyable life through their hardship caused by the white race, their hard work and ingenuity and creativity and their continuing fight for equality and justice for all. Even to the Black communities own detriment as seen through the Anti-Blackness and vile hatred in non-Black communities of color hoping to find favor and close proximity to whiteness and through the continuing racist institution and racist society dominated and orchestrated by the white race. There are far too many examples, Rosewood, Black Wall Street, and other Black communities that have been destroyed by mobs of hate-filled and savage white people jealous about the prosperity and wealth that many of these Black communities, that America’s racist educational system fails to tell, that have been bombed and burned down by these white mobs of racist angry uncivilized monsters. Thousands of Black people, only trying to live their lives, have been murdered, killed, raped, burnt to death, by mobs of hate-filled white people all because of their jealousy and envy of seeing black people prosper and live a happy and joyous life. There must be a special kind of evil and hate inside a person’s soul, if they even have one to contain and carry that much hate and envy in their hearts, for not just individuals but mobs and mobs of white people to want to destroy and mutilate and murder and displace thousands and thousands of innocent Black people from their communities all because of the color of their skin and because they are trying to create generational wealth and happiness for not only themselves but their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as well. The depths of this kind of evil shown to black people for centuries by the white community is the purest form of evil imaginable. Even when Black people “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” it seems that the white community is there to knock them down and destroy everything the Black community built or tried to build for themselves and their families. As if standing over someone with your ruthlessness, unfairness, and vile evil makes you somehow better because you have the ability or the ruthlessness to stand on a person’s neck to promote your superiority. Especially when the fact is, that everything your community got was stolen from Black people and Black communities through your ruthless and murderous ways and evil mentality. Your inferiority shows every time you change the goalpost to make sure that the playing field is never competitive or fair or even to maintain your stranglehold on humanity and death grip on decency. Speaking from personal experience I too had to deal with the vile ignorance of watching and dealing with a racist manager, a white Jewish man, who intentionally because of his racism and evil in his heart, went out of his way to ensure that no Black employee would make a livable wage at a production base job even though the Black employees were physically and mentally able and capable of doing so on their own merits, their experiences, and their determination and work ethic. This same racist white manager would make sure that the non-Black employees, the white employees, and those in close proximity to witness, would get the majority of the work and all of the added bonus pay, even if they did not work for it. This manager in my personal view was not only a lowlife racist scum but sadistic as it seemed to me that this hollow soulless individual got off, on keeping Black people from making good money doing a job that they were all qualified and capable of doing. So when I hear people talk about pulling themselves up by their own bootstrap. I not only cringe at those hollow racist code words and slogans. I laugh because just like the racist white manager at the job I once worked for. He like many white people in this world never earned their job title nor is he qualified to do the job that he has. It was handed to him like everything else in his soulless sadistic life. Funny how that is.

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