The American Constitution is just hollow words on a piece of paper. Paper that means nothing if those words, laws, policies, and beliefs are not enforced and upheld by American citizens, a United States Congress not divided by partisanship or party lines and influenced and controlled and corrupted by corporations and corporate lobbyists, a non-partisan Judiciary branch deciding constitutional cases and upholding the rule of law and not making decisions because of party lines drawn in the sand or ideological principles that have become hardened in their belief system and decision making. And both branches of government, the legislative branch and the judicial branch not being influenced, corrupted or controlled by outside forces like corporate lobbyists or political action committees and white supremacy groups or their hateful vile racist ideology. Therein lies the problem with the American Constitution, its so-called moral compass, it’s so-called righteousness, and its lack of enforcement. The American Constitution is flawed from the very beginning as the writers and framers of the American Constitution were not honorable men nor were they noble or decent men. Theses framers and writers of the American Constitution owned slaves, Black people that they saw and treated as not only property and free labor to enrich themselves and create generational wealth for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but these slave owners and framers of the American Constitution saw Black people as less than and inferior to white men and the white race. The framers of the American Constitution even had the audacity and ignorance and shallowness and callousness to write, to pen, that Black men where not whole men, three-fifths to be exact, and that Black men should not be considered as whole men. So as people pretend to be ashamed, astonished, embarrassed, or confused by the fact that a corrupt failed racist and criminal con-artist and failed businessman is running amuck on the American Constitution, the American government, American laws, and so-called American democracy as this vile indecent man parade around the world as the American president, disrespecting and denigrating the office of the presidency. Let us not forget that the framers and people who wrote the American Constitution were not good men or good people. You can not and never shall be considered a good person or individual or human-being while owning slaves, owning people because that ownership of an individual, a human being due to racism, and capitalism; is the depths of pure evil and proof of your inhumane ways and thought process. Proof that you are inhumane and evil at the core of your very essence. The framers of the American Constitution represents pure evil and that evil continues to manifest itself in this nation called America and is indoctrinated and ingrained in its laws, its policies, its political and judicial system, its educational institutions, its racist white-dominated society as a whole. This so-called Constitutional crisis that is happening at this moment really began centuries ago when ships from European colonizers invaded this land and brought their diseases and warmongering, and their diseases of capitalism and American democracy and infected this land and the cultures and societies that existed in harmony in this nation long before the brutal and barbaric invasion of the colonizers. The American Constitution was created in darkness and with dishonest language and evil beliefs by men who lacked integrity, humanity, civility, and decency. So it is no surprise that the wealth-power structure in America can so easily convey, twist, influence, and enforce and refuse to enforce certain aspects of the American Constitution to do their bidding and force their will onto the American people. The American Constitution was built on the racist, vile, evil, and ignorant, ideology of white supremacy and white capitalism. And that is why the white power structure will continue to create laws, bend laws, change laws, and even break laws to wield and maintain their power and their power structure.

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