The Delusional Bubble of White America and Why There Will Never Be A Post-Racial America

Reality vs Perception

There has always been a huge gulf between the reality of white Americans and the harsh reality of Black Americans. Most of white America refuses or denies or even perhaps naively believe that all Americans are treated fairly and equally. Maybe believing the lie of equality for all helps white Americans to get through the day with a clear conscience or maybe it helps them sleep at night. Although it is likely stemmed from white Americans, racists, moderates, conservatives, liberals or progressives willfully turning a blind eye knowing full well that the system and society that their ancestors helped create, foster and forced onto the world benefits them greatly even though most refuse to admit it or even acknowledge it. It is better to pretend that all is fair and equal and that we are all treated the same and have the same opportunities as white people than it is to admit the horrific and horrible treatment of one race of people against another race of people. The systematic oppression of Black people, the disenfranchisement of a particular race of people, the murder, the hatred and injustices, the systemic brutality, the disparagement, denigration, and outright disrespect of Black people by white people and their white-dominated society. The truth of the matter is that a post-racial America is a pipe dream that is unlikely to become a reality for Black Americans, dark-skinned Americans and people of color unless white Americans finally acknowledge and deal with their inherited and indoctrinated racist beliefs and ideology, their own individual racism, bias, and discrimination that has been systematically implanted and burned into their DNA, their core, their very being. Through their households, their churches, their jobs, the American educational system, their justice system, their political system, and white society as a whole. America may have made progress when it comes to race relations and correcting some of the civil and social injustice done to its nonwhite citizens since the white man’s forced colonization of this land now called America. Although, truthfully, America’s debt to Black Americans and the ancestors of slaves, Africans, is not yet paid in full and white America is actually delinquent in their payments and compensation to Black America. But America has and always will have been created on the savagery of racism, slavery, and discrimination. It is said that we should learn from our past to ensure a brighter future. But look around the nation. The cycle of racism and discrimination is once again gaining a monumental foothold on this nation once again. No longer are racist afraid of condemnation or disgust by the masses. The mainstream media has been trying to, with some success, normalize racists, white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists. An entire American institution could be and probably has been infiltrated by a gang of racists thugs, hooligans, criminals, and traitors to this nation. Who willfully, openly and happily spread their hate, their negativity, and their racist ideology out in the open, no longer wearing hoods, masks, or white sheets. Knowing full well that the mainstream media, owned and controlled by rich white men, will never condemn their actions or their hateful rhetoric. Perhaps, even agreeing and applauding the hate that these racists spew out into the atmosphere and gladly profiting off of the clickbait and enormous ratings that their hate generates for these rich white men’s news organizations and their websites. White Americans will never comprehend or understand or ever live with the crippling fear that Black Americans have to deal with on a daily basis as those who are supposed to serve and protect are nothing more than predators, murderers with badges who patrol Black communities but, in reality, are hunting Black people like wild animals or trophies. Cops protected by a powerful and corrupt police union that has never seen a cop guilty of a crime, let alone a misdemeanor is playing judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to the lives of Black Americans. The American justice system shields these murderous racist cops from prosecution. As many of these cops who murder Black people in cold blood are rarely indicted, convicted and most likely retain their jobs as police officers and receive back pay if they are placed on unpaid administrative leave. They are more than likely to receive Administrative duty as they are to receive any jail time. Most are not even handcuffed, fingerprinted, and booked like criminals, even though they are. Video evidence be damned as the majority of state and local District Attorney’s offices are in bed with the police and are derelict in their duties by not prosecuting these murderous cops. So many in the Black community have no faith in the police, the District Attorney’s office, judges, or the American judicial system as a whole. Black bodies and Black lives are seen as unworthy and less than human by white people and white society who seem to be comfortable in their own skin knowing, whether it be subconsciously or consciously, that they devalue a human being because of the color of that person’s skin. It is sickening and disgusting to think about but that is a reality that Black people have had to deal with and live with on a daily basis for centuries. Once they understand and realize the burden placed on them because of the color of their skin, Black people come to also realize the dread and terror and also the courage it takes to wake up every morning and step out into the outside world and face such harsh realities. A world full of violence and hatred, poverty, and crime. Factor in the criminalization of Black bodies by white society, it should become clear that there is an extra burden, weight placed on Black people that other races, other communities do not have to bear. The Anti-Blackness from communities of color and other nonwhite communities is not an anomaly or made up fallacy. The Anti-Blackness from communities of color and nonwhite communities is just as real and just as vile as the racism that Black people have to deal with from a society controlled by whites. Arab Americans and just Arabs, in general, are being stigmatized as Muslim terrorists because of a small percentage of vile criminals posing as humans. People of Hispanic descent mostly Mexicans are now being stigmatized as criminals coming to this country to steal American jobs and rape “our women”, white women is who they a really talking about being the victim of these so-called Mexican rapists and killers. This is just another racist tactic by these vile racists of calling people of color untamed savages, ungodly, and uncivilized. The word illegal alien is now the norm when it comes to American politics mostly Republican pundits and Republican talking points. Notice that I did not say conservative talking points. I for one do not want to confuse or combine the two. One is a political party, now filled with vile racists, that now seems to be in bed with foreign governments and oligarchs, follow the money, and the other is a philosophy or set of principles. The truth of the matter is that the greatest terrorist threat to America, in its entire history and before Europeans invaded its shores, has been and probably will be white men and a white woman to a certain extent, as white women, although always playing the victim, helped to spread and cultivate the hateful ideology of racism and the racist regime that America is now under. They have bombed, slaughtered, murdered, raped, lynched, and immunized, poisoned, and oppressed Black people and people of color all in the name or falsehood of civilizing the savages. The audacity and arrogance and callousness and heartlessness it takes to commit such horrendous and unspeakable atrocities for centuries and then to use a word like “civilized” as your reason to clear your conscience and justify your murderous bloodlust and barbaric actions just shows the barbaric nature and greed of one specific race of people that people of color, Black people and dark-skinned people have been dealing with for centuries. There is no justification for their lack of morals, lack of humanity, lack of civility, and lack of ethics as the once profitable and barbaric slave trade has evolved into at first, the Jim Crow laws and Jim Crow era and now the prison industrial complex.

Racist Code Words used in Everyday Conversation

Speaking of the word illegal immigrant or illegal alien as opposed to the undocumented immigrant is a mere verbal illusion in the eyes and ears of the American public. It’s a means to bring about fear in the hearts of white Americans, that the dark-skinned and brown-skinned people south of the border and from different nations are here to take your jobs, as they carry illegal and dangerous drugs that your children become addicted to. The words thugs or angry or aggressive is just another means to make white America fear that Black people are a bunch of hostile individuals looking for revenge against the descendants of their oppressors. Before the bodies of murdered Black people, victims of police brutality, these murderous cops are already screaming at the top of their lungs the magic and predictable words of “I feared for my life,” or “I felt threatened by the suspect or criminal,” to justify their murderous rampage. The American media feeds and ensures that these bogus and disgusting stereotypes will be so embedded in the minds of white America that it would take decades if not centuries to deprogram the vile nonsense and racist stereotypes that are ingrained subconsciously in the minds of many white Americans. The majority of hardcore drug users are white. The war on drugs never manifested or had its intended effect because to effectively end or suppress the drug trade would mean ending the overwhelming demand from Americans addicted to these toxic and dangerous drugs. The only problem with that is that it would require the American government to imprison thousands and thousands of white Americans. Who mostly get a slap on the wrist and are sentenced to drug court or probation or counseling and have their records wiped clean when they are arrested on drug charges. The media and society may have you believe that minorities are the main culprit in the drug trade in this country. But the fact is that the majority of hardcore drug users are Caucasian. Although on television the mainstream media will have you believe that the drug dealers and drug users are mostly minorities, the truth is, the biggest customers of the drug trade live in the suburbs. To avoid their children from being impacted and having their lives ruined. White America has now adopted the notion that their children’s hardcore drug use is a mental health issue or mental disorder or mental illness as opposed to them breaking the law or being arrested as criminals and charged with a crime. It’s amazing that a couple of decades ago these same people declared that drug users, Blacks, and other minorities, who they stereotyped as criminals and worthless animals are now the same people trying to convince us that this is a mental health issue. Not because science has discovered something to clearly prove their newfound beliefs. It’s merely that they once stigmatized drug use as a simple issue of minorities that was confined to the slums and streets of the ghettos and inner-city projects. But look around. The majority of the hardcore drug users are far from the ghettos as they mostly live in the low-income streets of the trailer park and wealthy gated white communities across this nation. The word takers or welfare babies are also used to degrade and humiliate the disenfranchised. The truth is that the media and politicians (mostly Republicans) use these code words to make the American public believe that people who receive government benefits are somehow lazy and that they are gaming the system and are unwilling to find jobs to support themselves and their families. The truth is that many of these so-called takers are actually Republican, southern, and white. Others who receive government benefits are also retired, military veterans and farmers. But this does not play well to the people who are voting for these Republicans in elections so it is better to lie to these people who refuse the truth than to tell them that they are the welfare queens and they are the ones living in these so-called welfare states. As a political talking point, the truth is still likely to instill fear and anger and animosity towards Black people and Black communities from white people who many believe, that the majority of welfare recipients are actually Black Americans or African Americans. The truth that the majority of welfare recipients are white Americans is far more than likely to cause the politician to lose an election as these people are pretty much set in their minds their racist beliefs and racist ideology and all they want any politician to do is reinforce their racist beliefs and racist ideology. The use of racist code words and dog whistles and the lack of fact-checking has led to the nonstop barge of negative media coverage and finger-pointing by certain political groups and think tanks. It’s easier to control the narrative as long as the majority of the citizens of this nation remain uneducated or are unwilling to dig deeper and learn the actual facts. Learn the true history of not only this nation but this world as well. Many Americans still are uneducated about the real reason why the Civil War was fought (hint: slavery). American schools only teach their students that Blacks were slaves as if Blacks and Africans only existed a few hundred years ago and were only meant to be slaves. Even though it has already been scientifically proven that the first human to walk this earth was Black and female in Africa some millions of years ago. Black people, Africans, and dark-skinned people have a rich, royal, and fruitful history but yet the history of Black Americans and Africans have been nearly wiped out of existence, hidden from us, whitewashed and outright stolen and rewritten in most cases by white people. Somewhat like the blinders on a racehorse, most Americans accept what they are told without question. Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world made millions even billions due to this laziness and ignorance of the American people. Even though we now have the ability to research and learn through the Internet, most people seem to only want to accept and be led instead of opening their minds and learning the truth because the truth does not coincide with the lies that they have been taught. The truth proves that their race is not superior or more intelligent or more advanced. The truth proves that most of their history, their so-called advancement is stolen or copied from the race of dark-skinned people for centuries white Americans have been disparaging and violating. Accepting and facing these truths is perhaps too hard for certain people who have been coddled and pacified and glorified for so long to embrace, handle, and deal with. Maybe they are mentally too fragile to hear the truth but the truth needs to come to light and be exposed.

Unfortunately Race Always Plays A Part

The fact and the main issue here is that racism is as American as American pie. America profited greatly from the separation of the races as Black people were sold into slavery and held into bondage. Their free labor, their blood, sweat, and tears created enormous amounts of wealth for white people and their family. Even now as white Americans scream and fight about immigration and immigrants stealing their jobs, many jobs that they do not want and are unwillingly to do. These same white Americans never turn and look up at the ones, the owners and executives of these companies and corporations who are looking to hire cheap labor so that they can continue to rake in massive profits for their white owners, white business executives, and white shareholders. Instead of rioting and protesting people who look like them, poor white Americans would prefer to blame people of a different race and different skin color who are only looking to earn an income to feed and provide for their families who are most likely impoverished and living in poverty. Most white Americans also refuse to acknowledge that America’s intervention and meddling in a lot of these foreign nations is the root cause of its citizen’s hardship and horrible living conditions. Hell, most white Americans will predictably be screaming at the top of their lungs “what about Black on Black crime?” but never utter out “What about white on white crime?” as if a crime against white people committed by white people is nonexistent or a unicorn. What about white on black crime and the murderous crime spree and atrocities committed by white Americans against Africans and African-Americans, and Black people? What about the crimes and atrocities committed by white Americans against the Black people of Haiti, Jamaica, and other Caribbean nations? What about the crimes and atrocities committed by white Americans (Europeans/colonizers) against the indigenous people of America? What about the crimes and atrocities committed by white Americans against the nations of South America? The finger-pointing and discussion could go on for decades but until people, mostly white people, finally accept and admit the crimes and atrocities of their past, their present, and their future that is based on race and racism. Then this world, this planet, will most likely continue to spiral into an even more separated and divided nation and world that may help bring about the extinction of mankind and the human race. This is not to bash or condemn an entire race of people. Hopefully, this will force people, every race to acknowledge the truth. The good and the bad of mankind’s history on this planet. Only the truth, learning the truth, accepting the truth and dealing with the truth can be our only hope, our only path to an actual free society where everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, creed or gender can enjoy true equality, true freedom, and true justice where you are not criminalized or victimized because of our differences.

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