I think the issue or problem with some of us if not a lot of us in the Black community is that we expect and hope that one day the world will become fair and racism will cease to exist or at least become nearly or close to extinct in the near future. This is not to sound pessimistic or make it seem like humanity cannot someday change or morph into something that we have yet to see in our lifetimes. Like a fair and just planet where racism and racist ideology is outlawed, frowned upon, and outright seen as the truest form of evil that it is. Where freedom of speech is not used as an excuse or a crutch to allow those, racists and white supremacists to spew out and preach hateful, fearmongering, racist banter that jeopardizes the lives of millions of Black people on a daily basis. To go on allowing white supremacists, racists, and vile people to preach and propagate publicly their hateful racist rhetoric without some sort of backlash from the public as a whole and unified condemnation for their vile racist and hateful speech and ideology. Maybe we hope or believe that one day we will be allowed a seat at the table that is filled with all white men and all white women. That by outworking them and being more qualified than them will result in us and hopeful those who come after us to have a shot at and an opportunity for a fair and equal playing field to compete on. That hope and dream that we have, now seems more and more like a fallacy as the multiple national news media, the entertainment industry, and corporations continue to promote whiteness as they continue to callously go about their way by closing the doors on the few and limited opportunities that Black people already have to succeed so that they can maintain their all-white boardrooms and all-white newsrooms and all-white rooms where the major decisions are made. It’s obvious in their insulting attempt to prove diversity by shoving the idea that a national newsroom or boardroom filled with all white women is proof that they believe in inclusion, diversity, and equality for all. They insult our intelligence as if we do not know that white women have been not only an alley but a pawn and a soldier for white supremacy. There is evidence and instances over and over again where white women have turned their backs on Black people and non-Black people of color when they have callously and intentionally chosen whiteness and white supremacy over equality for all because their whiteness benefited their own personal needs and their own personal agendas. There may never come a time where the doors and opportunities that the decision-makers hold will ever be equal, competitive based on qualifications, or diverse. This is why we as a community and as individuals need to focus on building our own boardrooms and sit at the tables that we have constructed and where we make the decisions. The Black community as a whole is estimated in most cases to have over a trillion dollars in spending power. We need to funnel that spending power into ownership because only then can we build not only generational wealth for our children and their children. We can also change the narrative that Hollywood, the news media, all owned and controlled by white men, when it comes to not only telling our stories but bring light to their racial stereotypes, their racial biases, and their racist and derogatory and mischaracterization of the Black community that they have been forcing on us and characterizing us as lazy, inferior, and violent, globally. The Black community and Black people having complete ownership in businesses and ownership in corporate industries will not end racism but it may just force or change the economic landscape enough that a most needed conversation about racism, equality, social justice, race, and economic opportunity will occur because Black culture is being copied and stolen and profited off of by white people and white businesses daily. Ownership and solidarity in the Black community may allow us to benefit and profit off of our ingenuity, our intelligence, and our creativity. Forcing those who hate us because of the color of our skin to reckon with their hateful ways and hateful ideology. Because in the end. The only color that really matters to them is the color green, the color of money and if we begin to recognize and capitalize on our own economic power as a community then we can dictate the outcome of our future. And only then will we have the possibility of an equal and fair playing field that is based on qualifications and merit and not skin color, racism, and racist ideology.

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