America has a long history of deep-seated racism, bigotry, murder, and oppression that has not only plagued their so-called standing in the world but has clearly proven and shown the hypocrisy of white America and their fallacy and lies about morals, justice, liberty, and freedom. America is the home of the free but only if you are white and the land of the brave because it takes not only courage and bravery but mental fortitude for Black people to consistently wake up every morning and try to live their lives in a country, a racist white-dominated society that is hell-bent on oppressing, discriminating, denigrating, criminalizing, and murdering Black people all because of the color of their skin. A nation where European colonizers, invaders, robbers, rapists, and murderers came to this land, America, bringing their warmongering, climate change to the Americas, and their diseases and killed and enslaved the aborigine Americans and kidnapped and enslaved Africans and held them in bondage for centuries while trafficking thousands, millions of Africans to America for greed and wealth and riches that white Americans acquired, no stole through the free labor, the blood, the sweat, and the deaths of Black people. During these inhumane and evil times where white people enslaved and held Black people in bondage and committed genocide nearly bringing the complete extinction of the aborigines of America and the so-called native Americans, nearly wiping them off of the face of this earth. They created a slave force, overseers, now called the police force in America to enforce their, white people’s, ruthlessness, brutality, and animalistic blood-thirst for barbarism to bring bloodshed, fear, and death to Black people who dared to not only demand but fight for their rights and their freedoms from the grips of evil and hatred of white people and white America. These ruthless murderous mobs posing as police officers nowadays were allowed to murder, assault, and brutalize Black people with impunity for centuries as the white-controlled American government not only sanctioned these brutal assaults and murder of Black people but help to organize and empower and weaponize these mobs of murderers posing as cops with badges with not only high-grade military-style assault weapons, but military assault vehicles, and laws and policies that justified and allowed these mob of murderers to get away with cold-blooded murder to this day. Criminalizing, brutalizing, and murdering Black people is ingrained and indoctrinated into white America’s DNA as history has shown their callousness and heartlessness as the body count of innocent, unarmed Black people continue to grow with no solution in sight. At least a solution that does not contribute to a race war or Black Americans arming themselves and physically defending themselves against mobs of murderers posing as police officers who have centuries ago declared war on Black people and the Black community and Black America. This solution only leads to more bloodshed and more deaths but maybe inevitable as white America refuses to exercise its demons and rectify their racist beliefs and their institution of racism that is ingrained and indoctrinated in their households, their churches, their educational system, their government, and their racist white-dominated society. As long as America’s police force continues to hire, promote, and protect racist white supremacists and allow these thugs, criminals, racists, Nazis, and goons to brutalize, demonize, criminalize, and murder Black people with no regard for retribution or justice for their victims. Then America as a whole is and has been on this dark path of self-destruction from within that we may never come back from. Police officers are supposed to serve and protect the public but that is a lie and a fallacy that white America and the criminal organization pretending to be police officers have been propagating and spoon-feeding to the public for years. To serve and protect, meaning cops can do no harm, has been the excuse that white America likes to flaunt in the faces of Black America and the Black victims of police brutality and cold-blooded murder committed by police officers of Black people. There is no such thing as a good cop if he or she remains silent in the face of evil, in the face of crimes being committed by their fellow officers and coworkers. If they are derelict in their duty to serve and protect the public by being either complicit, scared, or all in on the criminalizing, denigrating, disrespect, and atrocities that are being committed against Black people, the Black community, and Black America. There is no such thing as a good cop if they willingly or even in fear chose to protect the badge over protecting the public, protecting citizens, and protecting the public from police brutality and murder. Police officers are not chosen by heritage or nature to be cops. That thinking or belief is delusional and an outright lie. You chose to be a police officer and you make the choice to put your life in the line of fire every day to protect the public when you chose to become an officer of the law. And with that choice comes the commitment to serve and protect the public and uphold the law. Being a police officer requires integrity, discipline, a level head and ability to maintain your composure and to think clearly, use common sense, and be professional not only under duress or during times of stress. This is something that should be expected and demanded twenty-four hours a day in uniform and out of uniform. Unfortunately, like the American Constitution, American democracy, American morals, and American decency. The American police force is a fallacy, a lie, another ruthless and murderous tool in white supremacy and racism used to impose and maintain their racist and ruthless white-dominated regime in America. Like all things racist and that promotes and is used to uphold white supremacy. These tools of hate and tools of racism need to not only be dismantled but destroyed and vanquished off of the face of this planet and hopefully out of the minds of the people of this world. Maybe then we can truly have a just world and live in peace and harmony as citizens of this planet.

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