Your racist tropes and racist stereotypes of the angry Black person, the angry Black women, and the angry Black man is just another tiring, exhausting, bigoted, racist, ignorant, and nonsensical way of white people and the white community continually denigrating and disrespecting Black people as a whole and as a community by labeling us, stigmatizing us, and categorizing us all to fit the white community’s narrow-minded and racist and simplistic views and beliefs about Black people and the Black community. And you, white people and the white community use this excuse as your reason to falsely claim and justify why you felt threatened by the big bad angry Black person when you are confronted for your racism and bigotry or when you decided to invade a Black person’s personal space when they are just trying to live their lives in peace and especially when you are profiled, stalked, hunted, and have murdered us on the streets for no apparent reason except for the hate, the ignorance, and the racist beliefs and racist ideology that has been ingrained and indoctrinated into your hearts and minds and your souls by your family members, your church, your peers, your educational system, your government, and this racist white-dominated society as a whole, that you control and forced onto the world. Which would be funny if the idea wasn’t so disgusting and downright sickening. To label, to categorize, to criminalize, and stigmatize an entire race of people because of some sort of mental illness, and sickness and evil in your thinking, your belief system, and in the institutions that you have created and are fostered to hate Black people because of some internal evil inside of you and your community. White people have the biggest body count across the globe in the history of mankind. Wars after wars, bombing, and lynching, and raping, and pillaging, and burning and even nuking continents, nations, and murdering hundreds, and thousands, and millions of Black people, and non-Black people of color, and even white people for centuries. The Civil War, World War I, and World War II, Vietnam, South Korea, and hundreds of other wars and atrocities that white people as a whole have committed for thousands of years across the entire continent of Africa and even inside the United States of America against Black people and the Black community. This is not to say that Black people have not committed or done some horrible things in our history or other non-Black people of color who have their share of war crimes and atrocities that they have committed and need to answer for; but as far as from a statistical standpoint. Black people have been on this planet for at least four million years or more while white people have only been in existence for less than nine thousand years and yet, white people’s body count is still far greater than any other people on this planet. The audacity of the white community to badger and harass, stigmatize, criminalize, categorize, and murder Black people and the Black community on a daily basis is frustrating, heartbreaking, irritating, disgusting, sickening, and is the cause of our anger and frustrations individually and as a community. When you just want to be left alone to live your life in peace without the constant barrage of discrimination, racism, oppression, disenfranchisement, and disgusting and racist treatment and anti-Blackness from white people and non-Black people of color and their communities to stop, to end, to go away forever and to never rear its angry and evil and ugly head again. This is wishful thinking as evil and racist views and ideology are ingrained and indoctrinated in the white community as well as anti-Blackness is indoctrinated and ingrained in the minds, hearts, and souls of non-Black people of color and their communities as a whole. No, white people are not born racists but they are taught and raised to either be racist, white supremacists or bigots, and those who are not are still instilled with racist ideology, racist stereotypes and racist tropes and racist beliefs of being superior to and better than Black people and they know, although most will not admit it, that they are born with a certain type of privilege because of the color of their skin. And not because of their so-called superior intelligence or their merits or their achievements. Call it anger or disgust or both but the truth of the matter is that if the shoe was on the other foot white people and their white fragility would riot and burn their torches if they were treated the same way that black people are treated and have been treated for centuries. A little humanity would go a long way if people would remove the hate, educated themselves, and try to see people, especially Black people as human beings and as equals. Black people were here on this planet long before any other race of people, the originators of mankind and the human race. So to think that one could be so ignorant as to think that they are somehow better than or superior to an entire race of people that brought life, culture, science, math, the arts, politics, pyramids, and all of the other magnificent wonders and man-made creations of the earth into existence because of the color of their skin, or lack thereof, is pure ignorance and stupidity. Racism and hatred are learned and are not a part of our DNA so it can also be unlearned but only if the person, party or race of people who are benefiting from their ignorance, their hatred, and their racism is willing to let go of all of their hate, their racism, and their ignorance for the sake of humanity and for the sake of decency and goodness. The only problem with that is, who will willingly give up their white privilege, their power, their wealth, and their control over society, knowing that these actions will benefit society and humanity as a whole but will strip them of their white privilege and all the benefits that come with it?

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