Those racist and ignorant words that spew out of the mouths of racist ignorant people are the epitome of white supremacy, racism, and the fallacy and lie that America, white Americans have been using to not only attempt to brainwash the majority of their citizens but also create this false narrative that America, ever since European colonizers step foot on this land, was ever great in the first place. Perhaps before European colonizers invaded, raided, raped, pillaged, and brought their warmongering mindset and their diseases to this land, we now call America, this nation of aborigines was great and peaceful as the actual people of this land lived among themselves and with what the natural environment of this land provided to them. Unlike the European colonizers who invaded this land and came to the shores of America to drain this land of its natural resources and commit genocide against the people and the community of aborigines of America and the American natives. The European colonizers brought their racism, their hate, their delusion of superiority and holiness, along with their greed and bloodthirst that they called “capitalism” and “America democracy” to this once-fertile land that was untouched by European invaders for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years. If people took the sensible approach and were mindful and thoughtful in their thinking and analysis when it comes to certain racist coded words or slogans or phrases like “patriotism” and “make America great again.” Then those hollow but racist coded words would bring about contempt and the condensation that it deserves and warrants to the people who ignorantly and proudly spew and speak those racist words of delusion and nonsense. America was never and will never be great as long as the descendants of those European invaders, robbers, and murderers continue to promote, propagate, and maintain their racist ignorant ideology and doctrine of white supremacy, the fallacy of white superiority, and their vile and hateful and racist beliefs and institutions that were brought here centuries ago and taught to them, ingrained into them and indoctrinated into their belief system by their ancestors. How can any knowledgeable, sensible, intelligent and humane person even consider, think or believe that America was great when it enslaved a race of people for free labor not to mention the rapes, the assaults, the beatings, the lynchings, the castrations, the cruel and unethical experiments America performed on Black people, and the brutality that those who controlled this nation, white people, have committed and continue to commit against Black people and the Black community? How can America ever be considered great when it committed genocide against the aborigines of this land, we now call America and the so-called native Americans and its continuation of these atrocities centuries later? America, ever since European invaders, rapists, robbers, and colonizers, decided to create or attempt to create an all-white nation, was never great and never will be great just as long as this racist white-dominated society refuses to pay its debt to Black people and the Black community; continue to defiantly refuse to atone for the deaths of the millions of Black people and non-Black people of color that its caused, had a hand in, sanctioned, and ordered all in the name of white supremacy, so-called American democracy, and capitalism. America, this racist white-dominated society and its government have invaded and brought wars to nations of Black people and non-Black people of color for centuries looking to pillage and rob their lands, their nations of its resources, culture, and wealth. This nation has a history of experimenting on Black people in the name of science and medicine only to cause hundreds and thousands of deaths and centuries of pain and suffering in the Black community as this atrocity committed by the American government to this day are still being discovered and uncovered and brought to light; all of the horrible and horrific acts that this nation has and continues to commit against Black people and the Black community. As long as America, its institutions and those in power continue to discriminate against, oppress, and allow white supremacy, racism, police brutality, and the school to prison pipeline and racial injustice to permeate and exists in its society their racist beliefs and racist ideology that greatly affect the lives of Black people and the Black community. Then America has no chance of ever being great as a nation and as a society on this planet we all live on. As long as America, white people and its racist white-dominated society continue to dehumanize Black people and refuse to have real morals, humane principles, and show real humanity for all people then America will never be great and should never ever be considered great. This is not to say that America cannot one day, someday, hopeful work towards being great and a great nation and an actual beacon of hope for the rest of the world to look to. The reality is that America is not what it pretends to be and in reality, America promotes itself to the world what it really is not. A nation that values people, values their lives, values equality, and values social justice. America only values greed and power and white supremacy and racism and the fallacy and lie of white superiority and whiteness. For America to even begin down that road of ever being considered a great nation then America needs to start with the truth and the truth about its horrific and dark and evil past, present, and foreseeable future. Then work to destroy the institutions and ignorant mindset, beliefs, and ideology of white supremacy and racism and work to educate and reeducate its citizens on the true meaning and definition of humanity.

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