There are a lot of white people who seem to take offense when Black people call out their perceived fragile mental state when it comes to their white privilege, how they benefit from their white privilege and when they are called out on how they use their white privilege to gain competitive advantages over others, non-white people. Privileges and benefits that they may have not rightfully earned or deserved in a fair and equal society that actually plays on an even and level playing field with fair and equal competition for all. Many white people take offense because it not only questions their psyche as a whole but also it questions their mental state and mental toughness, and gives off a perception that white people as a whole are very thinned skinned people, mental weak people and that they cannot handle any kind of honest criticism at all or even handle not being perceived or seen as holier than thou and as a hero or white savior or the good guy in every situation and in every story ever told. This brings up the racist “debate” that many white people are having, an argument that is based on ignorance, fragility, and stupidity, about a fictional character in a movie titled “The Little Mermaid” that is being turned into a live-action film by Disney. Fragile and weak-minded white people are losing their minds over a fictional character because white people have convinced themselves that there is no way possible that a Black person, a Black woman, or a Black girl could ever be a mermaid. It is impossible for a mermaid to be Black in their small weak fragile racist minds, regardless of the fact that mermaids are not real and there is no proof to prove otherwise. These are the same people who ignore the fact that many movies and stories about real people and real-life situations have been whitewashed by Hollywood and Hollywood studios where white people have been inserted in to play the characters of real-life Black people and real-life Black individuals. See the movie World Trade Center where the actual Marine Corps Sergeant, Marine Corps Sergeant Jason Thomas, a real-life hero who is actually Black but the character who played him in the movies was white. White people did not seem to have a problem with this glaring and intentional whitewashing by the movie-makers and producers of this film based on a true event and based on reality and real facts and based on a historic and catastrophic event. This was no oversight by the director and producers of this film no matter how much they try to pretend that this was an honest mistake or an honest oversight on their part. These are the same weak-minded people who watched as Hollywood and Hollywood’s studios portrayed Egyptian Queens and Egyptian Kings along with the Egyptian people with white people playing all of these historical characters when in reality it is known and scientifically proven that these characters were actual people who lived on this planet thousands of years ago in what was then at the time North Africa who were not white but Black people that varied in many different skin tones and skin shades as Black people do. The audacity that white people have to be somehow angered or feel disrespected about a fictional character being depicted by a talented and beautiful young Black girl, when for decades, centuries, Hollywood and the movies produced in Hollywood and seen across the globe have always placed them as some kind of white savior, white hero or white deity and has notoriously depicted Black folks as villains, maids, prostitutes, drug dealers, and criminals. Depicted white people as the majority when in reality the world, the planet, the globe is much more diverse than what Hollywood, controlled by white millionaires and billionaires, have been depicting and portraying for years. These weak-minded people have been spewing their racism and hate for years now as many of them have been showing their ignorance and their vile hate for five years now over the idea that the fictional character Iris West in the CW’s Flash television series is being played by the beautiful and talented Candice Patton who is a Black woman. And let us not forget how many of these same ignorant and weak-minded people were in an uproar over Zendaya playing Mary Jane another fictional character in the Marvel movies based on Spiderman another fictional character. Yet these folks never seem to have a problem when it comes to the reality of them stealing, plagiarizing, and even destroying country music and rock and roll, that yes, was created by Black people along with the many other things that white people have stolen from Black people and capitalized off of. You hear crickets when you bring up facts about their theft and pillaging of Black culture and how they are profiting off of Black culture and have been for centuries. The fact that many white people are up in arms about fictional characters, characters whose race has nothing to do with their story-line or even change the story-line that their character arc has been on since their inception, only proves that white fragility is real and it is a mental disorder that many white people suffer from.

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