The coronavirus epidemic has pulled back the curtains on the blatant racism and white supremacist ideology, doctrine, and infrastructure of the American government and many of its white citizens. The data has shown how the virus so far has disproportionately affected the Black community and other non-white communities of color. The death rate and infection rate of the Covid-19 virus have ravaged these communities at a higher percentage than it has in white communities across the nation and the globe. This many believed is and is plain to see, is the reason why so many governments, especially the American government, under the leadership of a racist, incompetent, imbecile of a president, Donald Trump is in a rush to open up the country even before the medical and scientific community have a complete understanding of this deadly novel coronavirus and even before a cure has been created. That plus the rush to open up the economy during this pandemic is so that these billionaires and millionaires can continue to fatten their coffers all at the risk of the lives of ordinary people, the poor and working-class citizens of America, whose lives are put in great danger every single day, to continue to increase and fatten the bank accounts of the one percent. Add in the fact that Donald Trump and his family of corrupt racists will all financially benefit from opening the economy as soon as possible as well as curry favor from these wealthy white men who control the majority of the world’s wealth and will benefit from restarting the economy. Makes for a recipe for disaster to the American public and the world as many more people will become infected and die from this novel coronavirus that the scientific community and medical community has yet to fully understand. And all of this could have been prevented including the potential increase in the infection rate that has been predicted to come in the fall of this year and possibly extending into next year by the scientific community. This new wave of infection and potential deaths are all preventable but only if America had competent leadership running the country and only if honorable men and women in this corrupt and racist administration stood up and spoke out against the corruption and incompetence that Donald Trump has shown to the world for decades. Congress is not off the hook as Mitch McConnell and the Republicans who allowed this president to commit crimes and invalidated the American Constitution are all complicit in Trump’s crimes and incompetency. Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are even complicit in this failed corrupt presidency due to their inaction and lack of real fight to preserve so-called American democracy. All three branches of the American government have allowed Trump to break laws, ignore the Constitution, and run around recklessly to the detriment of the American people and make racist and ignorant comments and continuously lie and put people lives in danger, all to ensure the continuance of white supremacy in America so that white supremacy remains intact and remains American doctrine and the dominant and unquestioned ideology and political system in this country. The mainstream media are apart of the problem by glorifying Trumps’ racist and ignorant antics and speeches and by allowing Trump to lie and spew his hate all over their networks globally without pushback for the truth or demand for decency from our so-called leaders. The lack of journalistic integrity by the mainstream media should be an educational tool to us all about how ingrained and inhumane white supremacy is and how it operates and functions to maintain control and keep a stranglehold on society.

Donald Trump, his family, and his cronies have been fleecing the American government and its citizens since his inauguration and ascendancy to the highest office in the land. So starting the economy up as soon as possible is beneficial to them and their rich and wealthy counterparts and a detriment to the health and well-being of those of us who live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to stay home without the financial guarantee of a monthly income or stimulus check that should come from our government who we pay taxes to, to support the American public in our time of need, unlike the rich and American corporations who has been given bailouts, handouts, and tax breaks by the American government for centuries. And without regard to the deficit, inflation, or how these tax breaks and handouts were ever going to be paid for by the American public.

The skyrocketing deaths in America due to the coronavirus are of no consequence to this inhumane and indecent individual, who has long put his corrupt politics and profits over the lives of the American people, as have so many of the wealthy individuals who control the majority of the wealth globally as the poverty rate and homelessness across the globe has exploded to an astronomical level over the last few decades. This is not to say that Donald Trump is the sole reason why the coronavirus is affecting the Black community and non-white communities of color. He is nothing more than a symptom to a bigger issue which is racism, white supremacy, and corruption that has plagued the American government, its people, and the globe for centuries. Many will point to the underlining health conditions that Black people suffer from at a higher rate than other communities like diabetes, and heart diseases, and digestive issues, and other health conditions as the reason why we are greatly affected by Covid-19. But we have to also point out the fact that the Black communities underlining health conditions are due to systematic and institutional racism, Anti-Blackness, and white supremacy. The fact that many black communities are stricken with generational poverty and many of these Black communities lack clean water, are food deserts and are polluted with unhealthy and toxic air, is only a few of the reasons why Black people are greatly affected by underlining health conditions. And this doesn’t even account for the mental health issues and stress that Black people have to deal with and live with daily when it comes to dealing with racism, police brutality, social injustice, and wealth inequality that has plagued the Black community for centuries. There is data on the wealth inequality that shows how white families who income earner or breadwinner with no high school degree have a higher income or have accumulated more wealth than Black families whose income earner or breadwinner is college-educated or has a college degree. Not to mention that an unemployed white income earner or breadwinner has more wealth than an employed Black income earner or breadwinner is more proof of the systematic racism that has plagued Black Americans and Black people for centuries and has endangered the lives and the fabric of the Black community for generations. So the fact that the data shows that Black people and Black communities are being affected by the coronavirus at a higher rate than white people and white communities should be of no surprise to anyone. This doesn’t even take into account the racism and Anti-blackness that runs rampant through the medical community in America that for the most part doesn’t value Black lives or Black patients or even treat Black people with the same respect and professionalism that they do when it comes to their white patients and the white community.

The coronavirus only exposed and brought to light what has been ingrained and indoctrinated into the American psyche for centuries as everything has been forced to be seen through a white gaze. Since the numbers show and prove that Black people and non-white people of color are infected and are dying at a disproportionate rate compared to white people; then Trump, his cronies, his corrupt family, and his ignorant and racist followers, the majority of them who are white, now believe and support the idea that the coronavirus is no longer a threat to white people or society or they believe that they are not or will not be affected by the disease or are going to be affected by the disease enough for it to matter so the economy must be and should be opened immediately. Even at the expense of their grandparents and parents dying or being infected by this disease. The economy is the most important thing to them and their ability to hoard more and more wealth and income regardless of their nonsensical claims about their freedoms being denied. It is all about wealth and accumulating that wealth at the expense of Black and Brown people. The increase in the wealth gap between white communities and Black communities and non-white communities of color is of no concern to them and especially not the lives of Black people and non-white people of color. This pandemic has shown how racism and white supremacy still exist and has always existed in America and will do whatever it takes, even watching and allowing Black people and non-white people of color to suffer and die at the hands of a global pandemic. Their lack of humanity is sickening as, to be honest, and admittedly, I am no economist, but the value of life is far greater than a piece of paper or a dollar bill. What economy is there if the majority of the so-called essential workers or front line workers that keep this economy and the global economy moving and prospering are either all sick or infected or dead because of this pandemic or another far deadlier pandemic that may be on the horizon? The people or workers who move the economy and make the economy run. The majority of these workers are either Black or other people of color, who work low paying jobs and live paycheck to paycheck, with no health insurance, and most likely live in poverty and work in toxic and poor conditions at their jobs. And many cannot work at home and practice social distancing to not only protect themselves but protect their families as well from the possibility of infection or being infected with the coronavirus.

I can only hope and wish that this pandemic has forced many of the people and communities who are and have been greatly affected by this pandemic and racism and injustice, finally see that united we can end this disease and global plague called racism, white supremacy, social inequality, and social injustice, Anti-Blackness, and poverty, that has infected the world for centuries, and not just end the threat of the coronavirus. And that we can come together and end many of these injustices and crimes against humanity and hopefully create a more just and fair world. Of course, that may just be wishful and hopeful thinking on my part because those who greatly benefit from whiteness or proximity to whiteness are most likely to fight and kill to prevent a more just world and an even playing field. Then again, this pandemic may not go away as soon as some may hope and the disproportionate rate of infection and death in Black communities may change and white people and white communities may become the ones who see their numbers of infection and death increase to a point that even they have to acknowledge that the coronavirus is a threat to society and the world. Maybe then, they, the politicians in American and around the world, will finally act and take real action to end this global pandemic and do a better job of protecting the citizens of not only America but the global citizens of the world that have been decimated by this disease.

*The use of the world non-white people of color was used in jest on this specific blog and it was to show how ridiculous and ignorant and disingenuous is sounds when certain people of a specific ethnicity try to deny their whiteness or claim and refute that their skin color is white because they’re not white a American or white European. Ethnicity and race are not the same.

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