Whiteness is a sickness, a plague, a disease, an epidemic, a pandemic, a global threat to society and a threat to the existence of humanity, and a deadly virus that needs to be exterminated, annihilated, and permanently wiped off of the face of the earth. And the ideology of whiteness needs to become extinct and its hate-filled racist ideas and doctrine and belief system need to be blasted for its evilness and denigrated and destroyed for its wickedness. Whiteness at its core is evil and needs to be erased from our consciousness forever if we are to save the psyche and the soul of mankind from the depths of hell that the human race has fallen into for centuries because of the forced belief and ideology of whiteness and white supremacy.

Whiteness is an ideology, an evil thought process, and an ignorant belief system that has infected the human race and the planet with its ignorance, its hatred, its racism, its classism, and its disease of individualism, and false ideology of so-called white superiority, for far too long. And it’s time to end the cycle of brutality, oppression, classism, and racism that whiteness has created and infected the planet with.

For centuries Black people have been on the frontline dying and fighting against the greatest threat to humanity. Ever since the social construct of whiteness and the white race was created by evil white men who wanted to divide, conquer and separate humans into warring groups or factions, for his insatiable greed and an unquenchable thirst for wealth and power and for him to have the ability to commit crimes against humanity without ever being held accountable for his evil and murderous actions. Whiteness will forever keep us divided as long as the entire world as a whole, is complicit and idle in its stance against whiteness, racism, white supremacy, and anti-Blackness committed not only by white people but other non-Black people of color and non-Black communities of color as well. And as long as we as a whole continue to allow whiteness to go unchallenged and unchecked because of our division, Anti-Blackness, and the belief in being in proximity to whiteness as something to want to achieve by non-Black people of color who are brainwashed into believing in the fallacy and lie of the model minority, and believing that achieving this white lie is somehow a great accomplishment something for their families and their communities to be proud of. Whiteness will continue to thrive and continue to spread and continue to separate and divide us all until it destroys us all. Whiteness created racism and classism, and mass murder on a global scale and also created and fostered hatred among us all and allowed those who benefited from being white to not only commit crimes of hatred against the Black community but get away with committing barbaric and murderous acts against those who whiteness deemed was inferior to them and those that whiteness has marginalized, oppressed and discriminated against for hundreds of years.

Whiteness has allowed white men and white women and even white children to commit violence against Black people for centuries without being held accountable and then to the indignation of Black people who are the main victims and targets of whiteness and white supremacy and the hate-filled crimes committed by whiteness. Whiteness has allowed these murderous and evil white men and white women and white children who have committed violent acts against mankind and victimized and murdered Black men, Black women, and Black children to turn around and play the victim the minute they are exposed for their heinous and evil acts that these evil and hateful monsters have committed and mostly gotten away with. Centuries have past and Black people are still being terrorized, tortured, tormented, and murdered because of the evilness and the sickness of whiteness and the barbaric acts that white people and the white race continue to commit against the Black community. We have seen the racist and murderous America police force across the nation beat, lie on, abuse, victimize, brutalize, unjustly incarcerate, and murder unarmed Black folks across the nation for the simple fact that their whiteness allows these murderous monsters to get away with committing violent acts and violent crimes against Black people. We have also seen white men hunt down and murder in cold blood innocent Black people like they were hunting animals in the wild, and allowed to walk away freely and free of retribution because the racist American justice system and law enforcement agencies that are nothing more than an enforcement and protection agency for racism and white supremacy. Turn a blind eye to the barbaric nature that whiteness allows these inhumane criminals to be and get away with. And white women are not innocent when it comes to structural racism in America and its murderous ways as white women have not only been a part of slavery as slave owners, but white women have used their whiteness to endanger Black communities and cause the murders of tens of thousands of Black men, Black women, and Black children, only to later watch whiteness benefit these horrible people with empathy and defense of their so-called white purity. Black communities are then subjected to watch in horror as these evil and sadistic white women cry their fake crocodile tears and claim and pretend to be the victim of hate and discrimination and unfair and unnecessary condemnation they may receive by the public if they are caught in the act of being despicable racist people or caught committing racist acts. Even though these racist white women are the aggressor in all these cases they know dam well that they are in the end protected by their whiteness and the fallacy of white women purity.

There are countless acts where the police, white men, white women, and even white children have committed acts of terror, murder, harassment, rape, and oppression against Black people and never faced any consequences for their evil actions. And this will continue as long as whiteness is allowed o exist.

I believe all white people are inherently racist, and not because white people are somehow born racist. I believe that white people at a young age are taught to be racist and taught racism and hate, by their parents or grandparents or some other family member. Or they are taught hatred and racism by their church or in school, or from their friends. White people most definitely learn that they benefit from the color of their skin regardless of aptitude, intelligence, or abilities, from society as a whole, a society that is built on white supremacy and hatred.

A society that is built on racism and is maintained and upheld by systematic oppression, hatred, murder, and other ruthless and barbaric crimes committed in the name of whiteness and white supremacy. Whiteness is learned, taught, ingrained, and indoctrinated into the minds and psyche of white people at an early age in most cases and reinforced throughout their lifetime. And whiteness like anything else that can be learned can be unlearned but only if the individual is willing to deprogram themselves and unlearn the ignorance and hatred taught to them since birth but they must choose to do so if they truly believe in humanity and equality and if they believe in actual justice for all. And therein lies the problem, because expecting humanity from the inhumane, those who benefit from being white or so-called whiteness, most of them refuse to side with humanity and fight to end and eradicate whiteness, racism, classism, or oppression because not only do they benefit but those who look like them, their parents, their family members,  their children also benefit from the evilness of whiteness. So many of them are unwilling to eradicate something, an institution that helps or benefits them and generations that come after them.

This is a fight that white people must finally stand up to and stand against the evilness of whiteness. A fight that demands that white people confront and shame their family members or their neighbors or pastors for being bigots or racists so that humanity can finally eradicate whiteness, white supremacy, and its evil ideology and evil ways for good. That fight also includes holding white people who commit racist acts like murdering Black people because of the color of their skin, harassing Black people because of their skin color, or calling the cops on Black people because of the color of their skin accountable for their inhumane and barbaric actions and ways that have gotten Black people killed for centuries. This also means holding public officials accountable whose inactions or who are derelict in their duties when it comes to arresting and prosecuting racist white people who put Black people’s lives in danger because of their racist sick mindset that makes them believe that they can endanger the lives of Black people without retribution or without facing justice.

To expect white people or the white race to somehow finally side with humanity is probably a fallacy in itself as it has been well over four hundred years and things are not much better for Black folks in America than it was in the past when it comes to race relations in this nation.

The Black community needs to take necessary actions to protect ourselves and future generations by not only shaming and confronting racist white people and those who are complicit and communities that practice Anti-Black behavior and rhetoric. The Black community needs to use the power of social media to expose these racist murders by not only naming these individuals but also exposing their entire lives for the world to see. Perhaps the threat of complete exposure, like their place of employment, and who their spouses are and where they live will force these racist monsters to not be so willing to cause potential harm or death to Black people because of their hatred and their sickness within, without the knowledge that they may become the targets of not only shame and condemnation but the threat of losing their jobs, and even the fear of them being hunted and targeted like wild animals because of their racist and murderous views and actions. As long as whiteness continues to exist, then the world will continue to be under the constant threat of the greatest evil known to man. It has long been past the time that we as a world, became determined and united to end whiteness and the evilness of whiteness for good.

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