Albert Einstein once said that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Could it be said that the Black community expecting white people to finally change or ever change their murderous, barbaric, and racists ways as a culture and as a community and as a people is a perfect example of insanity? Expecting something different or hoping for at the very least, humane treatment from white people, after over four hundred years of racism, rape, murder, discrimination, oppression, and inhumane treatment toward Black people, and the evilness that the white race has shown toward Black people is a form of insanity in itself, or is it a form of Stockholm syndrome that the Black community may or may not be suffering from after centuries of being subjected to the violence of the white race and the racist inhumane ideology of white supremacy? I am no doctor, mental health expert, or psychiatrist nor am I in the medical field or claim to be. This is just an observation and my lived experience of dealing with the white race for over four decades of watching, hoping, and expecting and even demanding that white people individually, as a society, and as a whole strive to become not only better human beings and better people but become more humane, more decent and more civil people when it comes to their horrendous treatment of Black people and the Black community. And for over four decades, as a Black person, I have been angered, disappointed, and not surprised by the barbaric, murderous, and inhumane treatment that white people have shown and continue to show Black people in America and across the globe.

The fact that white people and their murderous police force can continue to murder Black people in cold blood and get away with it just shows how inhumane and barbaric the white community is as a whole. I generalize white people in this instance because I do not believe that white people are allies to Black people or the Black community or their so-called allyship is to a certain extent and is very limited. Most of the white allyship is just hollow speeches and tamed rhetoric by these so-called white allies who do not want to upset the balance or the system that favors white people. How many white people are truly willing to put their bodies, their careers, their lives, and livelihoods in harm’s way to protect not only Black people but the Black community, in general, to stop and defeat systematic racism and end white supremacy? White people and their white-controlled mainstream media, and social media platforms are quick to show the murders and police beatings of Black people to the masses, which are public lynchings, terrorism, and reinforces and continues the cycle of fear for the Black community, but refuses to show the murders of white people for the world to see. This only proves that white people see Black people and Black lives less than because their refusal to show white people being murdered publicly is because they believe that whiteness is pure or holy in their deranged racist minds and that the families of white victims should be respected as well as the white victims themselves. As far as the Black victims or the families of Black victims, the public showings of their murders or beatings by the police or by murderous white people are necessary and needs to be televised, not only to devalue the lives of Black people but normalize violence against Black people, and to also remind the Black community. That Black lives do not matter and Black lives can be taken away and without any consequences to the white murderers and perpetrators of violence against Black people and the Black community in this white-dominated racist and sick society.

The mistreatment, disrespect, harm, murders, and beatings of Black people have gone on for far too long and to expect white people to change now, after four hundred years of animalistic behavior is a hopeless cause. They have proven for well over four hundred years that they are incapable of humanity, incapable of love, and incapable of respect and civility. The white race could be said to be nothing more than a barbaric race or wild untamed animals that refuse to or are incapable of evolving from the Neanderthals that they are. If you look at history, real history, and not the whitewashed garbage and lies that have been forced fed to us for centuries by the white race. It was Black people, the Moors, who taught white people how to bath and taught these Neanderthals about good clean hygiene. It was the Moors who educated the white race and tried to civilize the white race and brought the white race out of the Dark Ages. And still, white people spend all of their time trying to reinforce their hatred and racism, and whiteness on to the world. And they spend all of their time wanting to harm and degrade and murder and oppress Black people, which shows how sadistic they are and the evilness they have within themselves. This only proves that the white race must lack something humane or descent in their core. Ever notice how Black people’s only concern is to live and not return the favor of racism and hatred toward the white race or demand retribution for the crimes the white race has committed against Black people and Black communities for decades. Black people are not looking for retribution or revenge for the harm, enslavement, murder, rape, and disrespect that white people have done and shown to Black people for over four hundred years. Black people want justice for the crimes that white people have committed and continue to commit against Black people and the Black community but not revenge. Black people want and demand that white people stop their brutality against our communities and end their racist and evil attitudes and behaviors towards our communities.

It is not exhausting to be Black, it is glorious and holy and rich but it must be exhausting to be white. To hold so much hate, and anger, and venom toward a race of people because of your insecurities and weaknesses and because of the beautiful melanated color of their skin that your race lack. The cycle of white violence against Black people must stop and must end now for it has been far too long that white people and the white race have tormented, terrorized, murdered, brutalize, and tortured Black people and the Black community because of their sickness and because of their evil ways and self-hatred and racism that fills their empty souls. Enough is enough. Black people must stand together and continue to fight against the greatest threat to humanity and the world and unfortunately we must come to grips with the fact that we have an uphill battle to fight and that we are more than likely left alone to continue this fight this war against white supremacy.  

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