“The Synagogue of Satan”

The uproar by mostly white people over Black American men bringing light to the fact that a lot of Black Americans do not know their true history or their true origins speaks volumes to the evilness of whiteness. The fact that the white Jews have a problem with Kyrie Irving posting a link to a movie, “From Hebrews to Negroes”, which is sold on Amazon Prime, the CEO is a white Jew,  is proof that white people will do everything they can to stop the truth from getting out.  Because an uneducated public is easily led because they do not know the truth or the true history of the world. The white Jewish community knows for a fact that they are not the true people of Israel.  This is a historical fact and not an antisemitic rant or antisemitic propaganda machine spewing out hateful rhetoric toward a religious group. That fact that white Jews do not call themselves Israelites, people of the land, is proof that they know they are not the chosen people of God. They call themselves Israelis which means people who occupy the land. This is the true definition of the word Israelis before it was abruptly and mysteriously changed in the dictionary within the last few decades. To occupy means to hold possession of or to control which is exactly what is happening in Israel today which became an anti-Black racist and apartheid state, once white Jews were given stolen land by the allies after World War II. The United States gives billions of dollars every year to Israel even though Israel proves no goods or services to the United States unless you conclude that Israel is a strategic military base located in the Middle East and a military stronghold for the United States government. But if you are not the people of the land since the people of the land are the original people of this earth. Dark-skinned Black people, then that means that you are occupiers of the land, a land that does not belong to you no matter how many lies you tell.  The white Jew’s attempt to publicly emasculate, humiliate, control, and denigrate a Black man and Black people should be a wake-up call to Black people across the globe. They want to control what Black people say, what we think, and how we act. Never did anyone in the white Jewish community try to educate Kyrie Irving during this entire public lynching of a Black man. Black people need to unite and rise up and end this evilness that has engulfed the world with its evil sick ideology of whiteness regards of their so-called corrupted religion. 

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