Why I Write About Race

People who were never disenfranchised, oppressed, discriminated against and never had to live with the knowledge, the crippling fear, and the dread and the terror of knowing that the color of their skin has been criminalized and that they could be murdered in cold blood by police officers who swore an oath to protect them. They have the audacity to feel victimized when race, a divisive issue in America, is brought to their attention or is told in a story that does not center on them, their specific race or skin color, being the savior or the hero of the story. They are offended when the facts, the actual facts, and not some whitewashed version of the facts, created by the colonizers, the invaders, murders, and oppressors’ version is debunked and proven a lie. Their fragility or sensitivity around such a sensitive issue is to call someone who has been subjected to the racist and systematic injustices in America, due to the continual racist oppression that Black people have to deal with daily, is to call a Black person a racist or that they are flaming and stoking the flames of racism because they refuse to appease or coddle the false narrative of white supremacy. It is a hard pill to swallow for white people when they have been intentionally lied to about their supremacy, their so-called beauty standards, their intelligence, and their very being as being better or holier than thou by their government and their white-dominated society. It is an even harder pill to swallow when you know for a fact that you have been lied to but you continue to perpetuate the lie because that very lie about your so-called greatness, your whiteness, benefits you, your race, and your skin color. It is a hard pill to swallow when your privilege, your white privilege is based on murderous events, barbaric and murderous actions, genocide, rape, lynching, suppression, oppression, castration, and other atrocities committed by your race, is the real reason behind your so-called supremacy. To know and pretend to not know that the white privilege that you refuse to acknowledge is based on the atrocious actions and racists ideology and racists doctrine created by your ancestors that you continue to follow and force unto the world, is the delusion in which you choose to live in because this delusion of your innocence helps you, your race, justify your barbaric actions and justifies your white privilege. Those who you had the audacity, the uppitiness to call an entire race of people uncivilized, Black people and people of color, and needed to be tamed are the actual victims to actions of those who are uncivilized and untamed. Whiteness or white supremacy and the actions of those empowered by this ideology is an evilness that has infected the world and greatly harmed and hindered the world’s progress towards everlasting peace and unity. Racism and racists are incompetent, impotent, and toxic people and a toxic institution that suffers from a toxic, dangerous, and potent form of mental retardation. The excuse of “economic anxiety” was used as an excuse as to why an incompetent, racist, misogynistic, and failed businessman was elected to the highest office in the land. In reality, his views and ideology were the real reason behind his election because his hateful and ignorant views were in line with many of his supporters and quietly, they were in line with many white folks in America be it moderates,
liberals, or conservatives. Their fear of becoming the minority in America and perhaps facing retaliation and retribution for their past and present atrocities is more of a reality and real reason along with their racists views behind a Trump presidency than the fallacy of “economic anxiety”. If economics was a reality to many of these people suffering from economic anxiety the very fact that many of these white people suffering economically can afford to raise millions of dollars in a matter of hours for a border wall to keep the brown and black folks out of this country coming from Mexico or south of the border, is proof that race and racism is the true reason behind racial discord in America. There is no proposed border wall to stop Canadians from coming to America or no new security measures have been proposed to stop white Europeans from coming to America and stealing our jobs and raping and murdering our women. The violent history of white Europeans across the globe is a cause for concern if America was truly concerned about the rise in crime and the spread of diseases due to illegal immigration. Race and racism are used to advance the ideology and fatten the pockets of the few and oppress and divide the many in order for a few wealthy white men and their wealthy white families to continue to become richer while the world toil in poverty and divisiveness. Dealing with race and racism is a never-ending complication that Black people and people of color have to deal with and navigate throughout their entire life on this planet. To ignore racism is to ignore the fact that this world is infected with a plague a disease that will continue to do harm and impact generations of people. Until racism and its ideology and doctrine are eradicated and wiped off of the face of this planet and eradicated out of the consciousness of this nation. Then the world will continue to be in peril and susceptible to the evilness and ugliness that racism and white supremacy have to offer to those whose evil and ignorant ideology it benefits. Racists and racism should be outed and confronted but not with kid gloves or with the comfort of the racists in mind but with hard facts and truths that their ideology their beliefs and their actions are not only a threat but a detriment to our society as a whole and will continue to bring anger, divisiveness, ignorance, and hatred to a world in desperate need of people, the human race as a whole coming together to ensure a healthier, safer, and better world, a better planet for future generations. Many people will point to my writing and rightfully so, point out certain disparaging words or actions within my writing and the books and novels that I write. My writing is deliberate, intentional, and direct, and it is disparaging to a certain extent and intentionally done. “When the shoe is on the other foot” and “what is done to me is done to you.” The words that are written in my stories and books are a reminder that words are powerful and that we should not take lightly the effects that words and images can have on people and an entire race of people who have been marginalized by your actions and your words. Words and images can have a powerful effect on people young or old. It never feels good to be belittled or disparaged or humiliated by others, especially, by those in power. Hopefully, this moment, this time, my writing, and the struggles of those before me and after me continue the fight for equality and justice, will be a teaching moment in the history of this planet. A reminder to treat others as individuals but with respect and love and to treat people as humans and love and respect not only our similarities but our differences as well. Our differences and the choices that we make is what make us, human so we should try to be more humane to one another.


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