The Political Divide

America has been a two-party political system since at least 1790. Unfortunately, for American citizens, this two-party system has been a detriment to not only its citizens but the nation as a whole, because of its dysfunction and partisanship. America’s two-party system has not only let American citizens down but has also helped, along with the institution of racism in America, to increase the divide between its citizens but also increase the partisanship and distrust between its citizens. Citizens now staring into the abyss because of the massive failure of America’s two-party system. America has become a wasteland as people feel hopeless, angry, and divided. America is now a nation divided by political parties and political ideologies that seem to benefit neither side of the two-party system outside of the wealthy and the elite. Both political parties divide and conquer the citizens of America with its partisan ideology and partisan infighting inside the walls of Congress. The house where the “people’s work” is supposed to be done in the hopes of creating laws and rules that benefit and advance the people, the citizens of America. American citizens who elect these officials to work for the people, the citizens of America, are left with politicians who are derelict in their duties to the American people. America is so divided, mostly due to its racist ideology and capitalism, that instead of all of her citizens agreeing on funding America’s failing educational system, its crumbling and decaying infrastructure, providing healthcare for all American citizens, and ensuring and strengthening Medicaid and Medicare for all, along with eradicating poverty. America is fighting over a proposed five billion dollar wall that will not secure America’s borders. Do politicians really care about America’s economy, America’s infrastructure, educational and healthcare system or are they all looking for their next victory in the upcoming election? Could it be that they care more about their upcoming payday promised to them by corporate lobbyists as they place every Senator and House Representative that’s up for sale, into their deep corporate pockets? To do the bidding of millionaires and billionaires while happily and willfully ignoring the will and the needs of the American people. Sure both parties cater to their base and certain voting blocks when the election year is nearing but that is nothing more than politics as usual for them. These politicians have mastered the game of showmanship and gamesmanship. They cater to their base because they, although they will never admit it, believe that their constituents are so ignorant and blind, that they will obediently in most cases, obediently vote down party lines regards of how terrible or racist their candidate is that either party puts on the ticket. They know that in most cases Democrat will vote Democrat and Republican will vote Republican. Most political candidates and political parties only cater to independents when they need their votes to ensure victory and only if they fail to excite their base. Americans need to decide whether or not to continue to slide down this dark hole of partisanship or decide whether or not to unite and vote in the interest of all American citizens. Whether that be doing away with the two-party system by increasing the number of political parties or getting rid of the two-party system and political parties altogether. Whatever Americans decide to do. The two-party system has already proven to be a complete and hopeless failure.

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