American Values

These words are not only hollow and meaningless but these exact words are at the heart of American hypocrisy. America, this nation, although people and communities, lived and thrived on this land long before white European invaders and murderers invaded this land bringing their brutality and deadly diseases here, committing mass genocide, murder, and instituting racism and chattel slavery, truly was never created as a nation, at least this white-dominated society that has ruled and occupied this land since its invasion in 1492, with any morals or values. Technically, this nation has no values or morals to stand on or use as a reference when pointing out the so-called good of Americas’ ancestors or the dignity, civility, and integrity of America’s so-called forefathers or their lack of these traits that help to make us human and humane. Millions of people, Black, and people of color were murder and brutalized, raped and assaulted by these so-called founders and discoverers of this land that had existed even long before the existence of white Europeans who invaded this land, killing, murdering, raping, lynching, castrating, and later enslaving the aboriginals of this planet and murdering the indigenous people of this land with callous murderous brutality. We can not forget or whitewash this truth, the true history of this nation as if it never happened or if the horrific stories and eyewitness accounts that told the stories of the brutal and animalistic behavior of the so-called white European colonizers never occurred or was somehow made up, a fantasy or the imagination of the people who suffered the most, at the hands of murderous white European invaders, whose descendants now continue to inflict the pain, the horror, the brutality, and uphold the institution of slavery, that later morphed and evolved into the racists Jim Crow Era and now the prosperous prison industrial complex. This nation, falsely seen and hyped as the “beacon of hope”, was built on the backs of Africans, their blood, their sweat, their tears, their hardship, and their deaths. America was also built on the calculated and cold-blooded murder of the indigenous people of this land as white European invaders, the same people whose ancestors now proclaim America to be so moral and so ethical, brutalized, ravaged, and destroyed communities of people of color all in the name of their so-called colonization of this nation and later because of another one of their racist doctrine called manifest destiny. This nation, the invasion and colonization of this nation by invaders, was never built on any values or morals as the atrocities committed by the invaders who stole this land had no moral or humane footing to stand on. The slaughter of thousands and even millions of people of color is proof of the lack of morals and the lack of values that many politicians to this day love to claim and point to when chastising other foreign nations about the crimes they commit or committed against humanity. Pointing out wrongs and atrocities is the right thing to do but when the finger-pointing comes from a nation who refuses to truly acknowledge their crimes and their atrocities against humanity and refuses to pay for or make right their crimes and atrocities that they have committed against Black people and people of color. The finger-pointing and words are seen as hypocritical, contradictory, and hollow from not only the people or nations America is accusing of war crimes or crimes against humanity but is seen as a slap in the face and the dignity of the people who ancestors and themselves, and future generations of the people and communities that continue to be oppressed and discriminated against, is seen not only as an insult to them but an insult to the core of what being human and humane truly means. America and many of her citizens and the politicians that her citizens elect to public office to serve this nation, need to recognize and acknowledge and somehow rectify the barbaric and brutal history of America’s past. Only then can America truly begin to be built on a moral, humane, civil, and dignified foundation that all Americans can be proud of and hold their heads up high knowing that America’s dark, sinister, and evil past history is not forgotten or whitewashed to benefit or absolve blame for one group or race of Americans but that America finally acknowledges it’s evil past and use its evil past as not only a teaching moment but a moment to heal as a nation. Hopefully, that will lead to our healing as a planet. Then possibly one day. America actually truly being that “beacon of hope” that the world can look to and it not just being some hollow words said by a bunch of hypocrites with no moral or ethical footing to actually stand on.

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