American Democracy

As the 116th Congress is sworn in. It should be a reminder that America is not a true democracy in its truest form, its purest form. The fact that those who came to America on ships sailing from Europe came to this land looking for freedom and the opportunity for wealth and a better life for them and their loved ones, accomplishing their singular goal by murdering, raping, pillaging, oppressing, violently whipping and lynching, and enslaving thousands and thousands of Africans and also committing mass genocide nearly wiping out an entire population of natives. Means that America, this so-called democracy we like to show off to the rest of the world as the beacon of hope was formed under a tyrannical regime that still exists to this day. A tyrannical regime that used brute force, the oppressive and barbaric means of chattel slavery to enrich one race of people off of the backs, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the deaths of another race of people. This is barbarism in its truest form. Of course, slavery, rape, castration, lynching, and the murder of Blacks, Africans, and other dark-skinned Americans was legal in America and seen as moral by white people who had come to conquer this land and destroy the moral fiber of the Black communities that once thrived in Africa and even on the shores of the Americas. To call America a democracy, is a pure fallacy as the will of the people is hardly ever a concern of those in power who actually are supposed to work for the people. America is divided by race, religion, gender, and class, as well as many other divisions that are used to separate and keep a wedge between the citizens of America. America is actually ruled by a ruling class. The wealthy and the so-called elite. They funnel billions and billions of dollars on elections expecting, no demanding the results that they seek. Expecting their handpicked candidates, who they financially back to not only win their election but also implement policy, laws, and bills, that the rich and the elite, corporations and their high-paid lobbyists, usually have drawn up for politicians, Congressmen and Senators, and Presidents, to pass into law. General or midterm, these millionaires and billionaires spend tons of money to ensure an outcome that is highly beneficial to them. They use their money and power to influence policy and write or rewrite laws beneficial to them retaining their wealth and their statues. They use their handpick puppets of a politician or political party to suppress votes and rig elections. If America was truly a democracy than the electoral college would have never been instituted to satisfy slave owners and states with small populations where slavery was once considered legal. If America was a true democracy and if the people who came to this already inhabited land had a conscience, had morals, had some type of decency, civility, and values, then slavery would have never been legalized in the first place. American presidents to this day are still elected by an outdated antiquated and racist system called the electoral college and not elected by popular vote. If every single vote counted than why not abandon the electoral college and use the popular vote to allow the American citizens, every single person that chooses to vote, to elect who should be their president. This is one of the simplest forms of what democracy truly looks like. People actually deciding who their leaders are and that decision, that vote not being decided by governing bodies in each individual state. Governing bodies of each individual state should not decide who to cast their votes for after tallying up the votes of the citizens of their state, then these individual state governing bodies deciding who to cast their votes for and elect the next president and vice president of the United States. That is not a democracy. If America was truly a democracy, then every single American citizen would be registered to vote upon their birth and allowed to vote without having to deal with voter suppression, voter restriction, gerrymandering, and voter fraud, which has consistently and unfortunately become normalized in America. Maybe one day America will begin its quest to become a more perfect union, but that day will not begin until the day America actually becomes a true democracy “for the people and by the people.” Then all Americans can celebrate freedom and democracy.

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